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Tripadvisor, TheFork: the importance of responding to customer reviews

livepepper_online_ordering_markeing_supportAs part of its marketing support, LivePepper now offers a new service for responding to your customers’ comments on restaurant reservation platforms. Under your control, our teams take care of responding to these comments on your behalf, while making sure you receive any issues raised in the opinions and reviews. All of which means you gain in terms of time… and reputation! Continue reading

Source code: essential for copying & pasting the content on your restaurant’s site

livepepper_online_ordering_restaurantIn order to add text or information on your restaurant’s online ordering site, or on your corporate website, naturally you can cut and paste the text from some other medium (such as a Word document). However, bear in mind that you must paste it in as source code via your back office. Here, LivePepper shows you how to proceed, along with some recommendations. Continue reading

Entrust your online ordering site’s editorial content to a professional!

livepepper_restaurant_online_ordering_siteHaving an attractive website complete with online ordering for your restaurant is one thing; making sure it includes top-notch editorial content is quite another! Remember, the text on your website directly determines its Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while furthering your brand image. For this purpose, as part of its marketing support assistance, LivePepper offers you the services of specialist Web editors. Continue reading

Online ordering: a bespoke e-mail to confirm your customers’ orders

bespoke-email-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantSending a confirmation e-mail is one of the key steps in the online ordering process, as it allows your restaurant’s customers to be sure that their order has been received and is being processed. With LivePepper’s bespoke e-mail functionality, you can now personalize this confirmation message both in terms of its form and its content. So much better than a standard e-mail! Continue reading

Adding static pages to improve your online ordering site’s SEO

online-ordering-for-restaurant-livepepperEven if so-called “static” webpages are rarely viewed by Internet users, they are nevertheless highly strategic. In fact, Google goes digging into these pages to find the keywords that will define your search engine optimization (SEO). Here we look at how these static webpages work, and why there are useful for boosting your website’s visibility. Continue reading

Preparation tags: indicate your advanced order preparation times: 24 hours, 48 hours or more

tag-livepepper-online-orderingIf your restaurant has an online ordering site, LivePepper invites you to add a feature that will let you notify your customers of products that require specific preparation times. This purpose-built tag can be used to indicate that the corresponding dish or menu must be ordered 24, 48 or 72 hours in advance. That way, you can organize your preparation with peace of mind! 
Continue reading

Online ordering for your restaurant: setting a deadline for pre-orders placed the day before

commande-en-ligne-restaurant-livepepperDo you give your customers the choice to pre-order? LivePepper now lets you compel your customers to pre-order no later than the day before, and to impose a deadline by which customers must place their order in order for it to be available the next day. Learn more about this new feature, which can help you better organize the preparation of your dishes and plan your quantities accordingly.
Continue reading