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From your logo to social accounts, LivePepper offers you marketing tools 100% dedicated to restaurants

Tailor-made services

Livepepper offers complete and 100% customizable marketing support. It goes from imagining your graphic identity and adapting it to different media and to managing your digital campaigns. Do you want a community manager for your social networks? Would you like to advertise on Google? Tell us about yourself: we'll take care of everything!

Logo and graphics

Before you start, create the visual identity that will embody your restaurant and allow it to proudly display its colours. Thanks to its integrated design studio, you can entrust LivePepper with the design of your logo. Our graphic designers can also help you create the graphic charter that will materialise this identity: colours, fonts, etc.

Printing your media

Flyers, posters or loyalty cards: these are all essential communication tools for your restaurant.Once you have found your visual and graphic identity, LivePepper can develop it for you in a wide variety of objects. You can choose from a wide variety of objects, from the most popular ones (business cards, placemats) to original goodies (t-shirts, stickers, mugs).

Content for your website

Taking care of the content of this interface, a real virtual shop window, helps to arouse interest and create desire. If the graphic design of your site is important, so are the photos and texts that are included. A web copywriter will help you produce unique content that is true to your world and useful for your SEO. LivePepper also provides you with iconographic expertise through professional photo libraries or the organisation of photo shoots.

Community Management

A marketing lever in its own right, the use of social networks allows you to reach a large audience.In addition to raising awareness, your networks can be used to generate traffic and recruit new customers. LivePepper provides you with a community manager who can create content that reflects your image. He or she will identify opportunities for you to speak out and promote your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Promotion & e-reputation

Take advantage of effective tools to create targeted online advertising campaigns. You can rely on LivePepper's expertise to create optimised emailing, ideal for relaying your news and promotions. Finally, we can manage your customer reviews with a dedicated feedback service.

Search Engine Optimisation

Even the best restaurants need a good referencing to attract new customers through the Web. In order to be visible, LivePepper specialists advise and guide you in your natural referencing with an advanced SEO tool and your paid referencing with Google Ads campaigns and a Google Adwords account to set them up. They also help you with your local referencing thanks to Google My Business.

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