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A table ordering service inspired by online ordering

Your LivePepper offers its restaurant customers a fully digital table ordering service. In other words it operates on the model of their existing online ordering site. Convenient and easy to use, the table order meets the new uses of increasingly connected customers. More importantly it optimizes work, organization and therefore costs for the restaurants that set it up.

The benefits of ordering at the table for restaurants

The Covid-19 crisis has seen the digitization of restaurants accelerate. In order to multiply the sales channels, the latter are more than ever in favour of solutions that allow them to offer online ordering, distance selling or even setting up home delivery. Moreover by guaranteeing the safety of their employees and customers, in particular by the limitation of all avoidable contacts, manipulations and transactions.

Ordering at the table as developed by your LivePepper, responds precisely to current challenges. Restaurant owners rely on digital technology as well as their customers, most of whom own and use a smartphone.

  • For its content, your LivePepper teams use your existing online ordering site and adapt its design to ordering at the table. The browsing experience is therefore identical: there are the same categories, the same dishes or even the same descriptions as on the restaurant’s online ordering site.
  • To access it, you only have to do one thing: install a QR Code on the tables, in the form of a sticker or an easel… Once scanned on their mobile, this code takes your customers to a specific page where they can navigate through the menu, add their dishes and confirm their order.

Freed from taking orders, your team has time available to intervene on other missions. For instance, giving advice and service to customers, preparation assistance and online order processing, etc.

Order at the table: a smooth customer journey for the user

First, you choose from the two “table ordering” plans offered by your LivePepper which one you wish to set up:

  • 1st basic option: either the customer seated at the table collects his/her dish himself/herself at the counter (this is the basic option);
  • 2nd option: either he/she indicates his/her table number via the site so that the waiter/waitress brings it directly to him/her (this more complete option is billed more expensive because it is technically more complex to deploy and depends on your number of tables).

For your customers, who already use online ordering, the procedure for placing an order at the table in your restaurant is then clear, simple and quick:

  1. Once seated at a table, the customer scans the QR Code which redirects him/her to your online ordering site;
  2. He/she logs in as a new customer, by creating an account. If he/she is already an existing customer using the credentials, he/she is therefore using your online ordering site. As an option, it is possible to offer “guest checkout”, that is to say, no mandatory customer account creation.
  3. He/she chooses the “collection” option then navigates to find, select and add his/her products;
  4. During the payment step, he/she is invited to pay either online via his/her mobile or at the counter when collecting his/her order (depending on the option you have chosen);

5. Once validated, the order is sent to the kitchen for preparation.

And that’s all !

More developments to come …

Already fully operational, the table ordering service offered by your LivePepper will continue to be enriched with new options and technical updates. These, currently under development, will allow you to:

  • Allow ordering as a guest, with no obligation to create an account (this is the guest checkout);
  • In other words, set up time slots as for collection and delivery in the Delivery settings tab. To clarify, the customer can then select the “Table order” option offered in its own right, and no longer opt by default for the option “Take-out order”.

Do not wait to update order taking by developing table orders in your restaurant: your customers will appreciate it as much as your employees!

Would you like to benefit from our offer of table-top ordering to your customers, whether or not they are online ordering users? Contact our teams without delay to set up this additional service which meets their expectations, and uses more than ever (

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