Uber Direct

Courier delivery for customers of your online ordering site

Everyone knows that when it comes to online ordering, delivery is key to the customer experience. Thanks to the LivePepper-Uber Direct partnership, you can guarantee an optimal delivery solution to users of your ordering site or app.   

The principle is simple: you offer a fast and viable delivery option via Uber Direct. This white-label delivery service from Uber works regardless of your sales channel: website, app, etc. 

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White Label

Budget Solution

Customers using your restaurant’s online ordering site benefit from a number of advantages:

   fast, reliable delivery, provided by a fleet of high-performance couriers;

   the choice between an express delivery or a set-time delivery, which can be planned up to 30 days in advance;

   real-time order tracking, with a text message sent to let you know when the courier has arrived;

   hand-delivered order (or left outside the door after an 8-minute wait). 

In other words, you enable your customers to select the best delivery option in just a few clicks.

The delivery is “white-label”.
This means that Uber Direct’s services are offered to your customers exactly as if they were those of your restaurant.

With Uber Direct, you control your image and your margins

White-label delivery means you can keep control over your customer relations and your data. Firstly, your customers order directly from your restaurant’s online ordering site.

Secondly, by retrieving their personal data, you can manage your customer loyalty campaigns and promotions.

What’s more, Uber Direct is a competitive delivery service (cheaper than Uber Eats for an average basket of €20 or more) that’s beneficial both for you and your customers. You pay a fixed price based on the distance travelled, with no commission or service charges. You can then pass on this cost to the price of the online order:

   either by increasing the prices of the products available for delivery;

   or by applying delivery charges per zone, which you can configure from your LivePepper back office.

At last, an efficient delivery system that can help boost your sales and… your revenue!

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