Features tailored to your restaurant

LivePepper is an innovative tool that allows you to easily manage your online ordering site

The online ordering site

Optimized for mobile

Pleasant and intuitive navigation on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Customizable basic design

White label site, which shows your identity, your colors and your logo.

Custom design

100% unique and ultra advanced site, which will follow your specifications.

Menu management

Autonomous card management

Autonomous modification of the menu. The changes are immediate.

Product photos

Add photos to your products to whet your customers' appetites.

Product customization

Each product can be sold in multiple sizes, with extras or options. Ingredients can be removed.

Custom composition

Whether it's your main concept or an option, your customers can tailor their dish, choosing each ingredient step by step.

Formules & promotions

Offer formulas with drink or dessert. The price of the formula is calculated automatically, based on the items chosen.

Sold out

Take a product out of stock in one click, to remove it from your site until replenishment.

Back Office Settings

Delivery zones

Draw your delivery zones using the Google Maps tool. You can set a minimum order amount, or different fees, per zone.

Flexible service hours

Define your opening hours, offer fixed times or delivery time slots or an "as soon as possible" option, flexible according to your internal organization.

Order in advance

Your customers can order hours or even days in advance.

Flow management during rush periods

Order flow management allows you to temporarily limit the number of orders on your restaurant's online sales site, to better cope with peaks in activity.

Receipt of orders

Without POS integration, software is provided to receive orders in seconds at your point of sale.

Stripe Connect

With Stripe Connect, make it easy for your customers to pay securely, both online and at kiosks.


Quantity tags allow you to limit the number of products available online, product by product.

Preparation time

Preparation tags allow you to limit the number of products available online, product by product.

Annual leaves

Schedule your holidays: your customers will be informed of your closure.

Data export

Export your customer and order base in standard formats, for analysis with Excel or for use with your marketing software.

Dashboard & Statistics

Track the progress of your online sales in real time.

In case of emergency…

Unexpected ? Deactivate online ordering with one click.

Track your conversions

Connect Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Tag Manager and other modules so you can track your traffic and conversions.

Navigation & Customer Experience

Loyalty program

Your site manages your program independently. Your customers can accumulate bridges and view their balance at any time.

Promotions, Formules & Codes Coupons

Your site benefits from a promotions management system offering great flexibility: formulas, percentage discount, in euros, free item, coupon code, etc.

Additional sale of products

Your site offers to add additional products after analyzing the contents of the basket.

Personalized emails

Order confirmation emails can be personalized: invite your customers to fill out a satisfaction form, recommend your restaurant, and win a voucher.

Sponsorship Program

Your customers become your ambassadors. Referrer and sponsored get promoted as you gain new customers and improve your visibility.

Display of savings achieved

Customers of a restaurant's online shopping site clearly see the amount saved on their order.

Clickable promotions

Clickable promotions allow you to highlight the offers and menus that you offer to your customers, directly under the basket.

Order tracking and history

Particularly useful for repeat customers, they can repeat their previous orders with just a few clicks.

Identification via Facebook or Google

When creating their account, your customers can identify themselves through their Facebook or Google account to go faster.

Favorites list

Providing a list of favorites makes it easier for regular customers of your restaurant's website to find their favorite products with each order.

Product filters

Product filters allow the end customer to sort your products by specificity (s): meat-free, gluten-free, spicy, crème fraîche sauce, etc.

Product Tags

Product tags are pictograms that visually present the specificity of a dish (gluten-free, vegetarian, spicy, halal, etc.)

Multilingual site

Displaying multiple languages on your site allows your non-French speaking customers to switch from one language to another when ordering online.

Online tip

Your customers can add tips online if they wish.

Customer credit

Your customers can deposit money on your online ordering site, paying with their credit card. They can then use this credit whenever they want to pay for their purchases on the site.


Centralized system

An online ordering site for all your points of sale, with centralized management of content, products and marketing.

Single customer file

Your customers can change point of sale by keeping their loyalty points and purchase history.

Back-office manager

Your managers have access to a restricted back office, in order to consult their orders and adjust the parameters of their point of sale.

National or local promotions

When you launch a promotional offer, it is immediately available throughout the network. A point of sale can also offer a specific offer.

Prices and availability

Points of sale may apply different prices, and mark certain products or supplements as unavailable.

Custom development

Our graphic designers and developers help you set up the specific features of your brand.

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