Stripe Connect

With PEPPER PAY by Stripe Connect, make it easy for your customers to pay securely, both online and at kiosks.

Advantages of Pepper Pay by Stripe Connect:

Easy to integrate and use

Competitive pricing

Secure payment

A solution that's easy to integrate and use

   Easy to set up from your LivePepper back office, and easy to integrate into your restaurant’s online ordering site

   A quick and simple registration procedure. 

   Clear and competitive pricing.

   No additional installation or subscription fees.

An even smoother payment experience.

Integrating Stripe into your online ordering site also has advantages for your customers: 

   They don’t need a Stripe account to pay.

   No identification is required.

   Their transaction is validated in just one click.

   Their credit card details are stored securely from one order to the next.

   They do not interact directly with the platform, nor are they redirected to a separate web page when they make their payment.

Stripe brings innovation to your transactions.

Since its creation in 2010, the Stripe online payment platform has focused on technological innovation. The aim is to make transaction processing faster, simpler and more secure.

   Features that are constantly being enhanced.  Hundreds of technical improvements are released every year to anticipate developments in e-commerce and the needs of e-merchants.

   Optimized security that meets the most stringent protection standards. It is notably based on sophisticated systems for encrypting bank data and detecting security breaches or attempted fraud.

   An international infrastructure: Stripe supports more than 135 currencies.
It accepts dozens of different payment methods depending on the country (bank cards, SEPA, etc.), via PC or mobile device.

   Protection for the seller in the event of a dispute with the buyer.
Merchants are covered by the Distance Selling contract they sign when they subscribe to the platform.

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