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Your customers are online. Are you?

LivePepper brings you everything you need to open your online restaurant

Online ordering solution for restaurants

LivePepper has been developed both for restaurant chains and independent restaurants.

Custom design

A white-label site that reflects your image. Customise one of our standard templates, or entrust our team of graphic designers to create a site tailored to your specifications.

Integration in your existing website. Incorporate our online ordering module into your website. If you don’t have a website, we can create one for you.

A single interface where you control everything

Manage your site freely and independently. Change your menu in keeping with the seasons, your promotions and your inventory. Indicate your business hours and your delivery area, and inform your customers when you are closed for vacations.

Keep control over your data. Export your customer file in just a click. Access detailed statistics on your business.

An open solution

Open to developers. LivePepper’s API allows you to develop your own tools, such as a mobile app or a gateway to your management software.

Open to experts. Provide secure access to outside players (Web agencies, referencing experts, etc.) who will be able to enhance your site, or even build it from scratch.

Open to applications. LivePepper integrates seamlessly with tools used for traffic analysis, online advertising and conversion tracking.

A virtual site with real benefits

Any questions? We’re here to help