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Entering the postal code, an alternative to the Google Maps feature for online ordering

livepepper-online-ordering-site-restaurant-featureThanks to the Google Maps feature, your customers can know if their address is within your delivery zone. However, this handy tool is not the only localization solution available to online ordering users. Most importantly, your LivePepper team offers you an alternative option: entering postal codes. So, update on this option, developed for restaurant owners, who want to do without Google Maps. Continue reading

An online ordering site for your “dark kitchens”

dark-kitchen-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantDo you prepare different culinary specialities in a unique kitchen? LivePepper meets the needs of your “dark kitchens”, or kitchen labs, with the implementation of a single or multi-site online ordering platform. Therefore, you can centralize your offer while boosting your visibility among many consumers of this practical solution. Continue reading

Online ordering: a marketplace that centralizes your offer

marketplace-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantDo you manage or deliver for several restaurants, whatever their culinary speciality? Do you need a single online ordering site for these different brands? Your LivePepper team offers you to set up a marketplace, which takes the example of the large online ordering platforms. An ideal solution to centralize your offer, and consequently hugely benefit from the booming market with consumers! Continue reading