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Online ordering and double toppings: for the delight of foodies… and restaurants!

It’s no secret that customers who order online like to be able to customize their products. Our “double toppings” feature responds to this need; customers can add the ingredient of their choice not once, but twice. All in just a click!

Customers will always like being able to customize their products. To give them even more options in this respect, LivePepper offers a new “double toppings” feature. It adds to the many other extra features already available for your restaurant’s online ordering site. 

Double toppings for online ordering: how does it work?

The first advantage of the “double toppings” feature is that can be applied to different types of products, including:

  • pizzas
  • salads
  • pasta
  • certain desserts, such as sundaes.

So it can be used for your restaurant’s online ordering site, whatever your specialties.

The next advantage of the double toppings feature lies with its simplicity. Take the example of a Margherita pizza, as shown below.

Double topping web site livepepper

As you can see, with just one click, the customer selects the “double” option for their mozzarella topping (it appears right next to the “single” option). By doing so, the customer’s pizza gets a double helping of mozzarella!

This proves to be an instant winner with foodies, who can customize their pizzas to their heart’s content…

The double toppings feature can be set up for certain products only, or for an entire category. In this latter case, it’s available for all products in the corresponding category.

Increase your average basket thanks to “double toppings”

The last advantage of this optional, paid “double toppings” feature has a direct bearing on restaurateurs;  with this option, customers on your online ordering site are encouraged to add ingredients. This form of upselling thus helps to increase the average basket.

The “double toppings” feature perfectly complements the “product customization” feature, which already allows customers to add or remove ingredients for a bespoke product. Also, the customization pop-up allows restaurateurs to limit the number of ingredients added. 

Similarly, the “double toppings” feature caters to the most individual tastes. As such, it represents another important tool to boost your sales while further satisfying consumer demands!

Are you interested in the optional double toppings feature, which helps to increase your site’s average basket? Contact the LivePepper team with any questions you might have to learn more about how to set this feature up and what benefits it can bring you (

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