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Choosing your Livepepper online ordering site’s domain name

online-oredering-domain-nameLivePepper takes care of the purchase, renewal and hosting of your online ordering site’s domain name, while you, the restaurant owner, simply define this domain name. Here are some tips to help you choose your domain name wisely.

Domain name

A website’s domain name comprises three parts:

  • the subdomain,
  • the body or name,
  • the extension.


The domain name is one of the SEO criteria taken into account by search engines. You must thus make sure you choose a domain name for your restaurant that contains pertinent keywords.

Case 1: LivePepper creates your corporate website + your online ordering site

You have one restaurant

This is the most straightforward situation. Here, if LivePepper creates your corporate website for you, your online ordering site will have the same domain name; only the URL will differ. In this case, you can use the name of your restaurant for your domain name. For example:

  • Your restaurant is called Bill’s Pizzas.
  • The name of your corporate website’s domain and your online ordering site is:  
    • The URL of the corporate website is:
    • The URL of the online ordering site will be:

You have two or more restaurants

Here, the domain name of each restaurant is created as follows:

  • subdomain = town or district (if you have several restaurants in the same town)
  • body or name = name of the restaurant
  • extension = the one you will have chosen

The town or district are thus included in your address, which will allow Internet users to find you more easily online when, for example, they type “pizza delivery West Manchester”.

For example:

  • The domain name of your corporate website is:
  • You have three restaurants based in Manchester, Bolton and Stockport. Each of these three restaurants has an online ordering site.
  • The address of each restaurant is thus created as follows:
    • For the restaurant in Manchester:
    • For the restaurant in Bolton:
    • For the restaurant in Stockport:

Existing domain name versus new domain name

Regardless of whether you have one or more restaurants:

  • If you have already reserved your domain name, you must transfer it to LivePepper. 
  • If you don’t yet have a domain name, you can check the availability of a particular name on sites such as:, then notify your choice to LivePepper, who will take care of purchasing it.

Your domain name is managed by LivePepper, but it will always be your property; you can ask us to return it to you at all times.

Case 2: LivePepper only creates your online ordering site

If you already have a corporate website that you want to keep, LivePepper will be create your online ordering site only. Here, nothing changes; the hosting of your corporate website remains at your expense. LivePepper will purchase a new domain name for your online ordering site.

If you have one restaurant

Usually, when you have one restaurant only, LivePepper re-uses the body of your existing domain and adds a keyword such as “-orders“. For example:

  • Your corporate website is hosted at the following address:
  • Your online ordering site’s address is:

If you prefer, you can choose a word other than “orders”, e.g. “delivery” if your restaurant specializes in deliveries. Note: be sure of your choice; once reserved, you will be unable to change your domain name without purchasing another.

If you have two restaurants or more

Here too, LivePepper adds a keyword (e.g. “-orders“) to the domain name of your corporate website. Each restaurant is hosted on a subdomain corresponding to your restaurant’s town or district. For example:

  • Your corporate website is hosted under:
  • You have three restaurants in Battersea, Clapham and Brixton.
  • Their online ordering sites are respectively hosted under:
    • For the restaurant in Battersea:
    • For the restaurant in Clapham:
    • For the restaurant in Brixton:

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