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Composing bespoke dishes

fonctionnalites-livepepper-composition-des-produits-sur-mesureBy composing their own bespoke dishes, customers who use a restaurant’s online ordering service can create personalized meals entirely to their taste. With this feature, you give your customers a certain amount of control, and meet today’s consumer demands.

Being able to compose bespoke dishes: customers have come to expect it

Product customization is all the rage, especially for online purchases. Allowing customers to compose their own bespoke dishes effectively responds to this increasing widespread demand. With this feature, customers on your restaurant’s online ordering site can:

  • compose their bespoke dishes step by step;
  • choose from a number of options (e.g. choice of pizza base, choice of bread for burgers, etc.);
  • add the ingredients they want (vegetables, cheeses, meats);
  • select possible extras.

You decide on the level of customization that you want to grant your customers.


Offering customizable products on your site

By integrating the “compose bespoke dishes” feature into your restaurant’s online ordering site, you benefit from a design tailored to customizing dishes or menus, thereby ensuring an ordering experience that is:

  • fluid,
  • devoid of pop-ups,
  • complete with automatic price calculation.

The goal: bringing your customers an even more straightforward, enjoyable online ordering experience.

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