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Contact-free delivery faced with Covid-19

commande-en-ligne-LivePepperNow required to close their doors to the public until 15 April (at the earliest) in order to avoid propagating Covid-19, French restaurants are nevertheless authorized to provide online ordering, delivery and takeaway services to their customers. LivePepper invites you to set up a contact-free delivery service in just 1 to 2 working days.


Coronavirus: LivePepper is there to help you adapt your activities

To cope with the difficulties restaurant professionals now face following the French Prime Minister’s announced compulsory closure of bars and restaurants for one month, LivePepper brings you a new feature to partly shore up your sales: contact-free delivery.

Available to all restaurateurs, this contact-free delivery functionality can be incorporated into your online ordering site in just 1 to 2 days. It includes:

  • online payment;
  • a “Contact-free delivery” checkbox, which the customer can check, if appropriate;
  • a contact-free delivery arrangement where the delivery person drops off the order at the customer’s door and notifies them either by ringing the bell or confirming the delivery by phone.

Offer contact-free delivery of online orders 

Here’s what this feature looks like on the online ordering site of one of our French customers:













When the customer comes to confirm the delivery method, they can select “Please leave my order at the door.”

 In the example below, our UK customer wanted to include an additional text (outlined in purple) which, obviously, can be freely defined in the “Content” tab of the LivePepper back office (as shown below). 
























Via this free text, you can explain the reasons for these measures:

  • compliance with security rules applicable to all to slow down propagation of the virus;
  • health and well-being of customers and delivery people;
  • further details on the delivery procedure, etc.

This feature means you adopt a completely transparent approach for your customers and allow them to continue to consume your products with peace of mind!

Contact our teams (contact@livepepper.com) without delay to quickly set up this new feature – essential to adapt your business in the coming weeks. 

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