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Integration of iKentoo with LivePepper

ikentoo-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantWould you like your online orders to arrive directly on your iKentoo cash register? No problem! Our two solutions are integrated; you will be able to manage your orders online as they had been entered manually, from your cash register.

iKentoo’s presentation

iKentoo is a complete, adaptable and reliable iPad cash register and business management system for all types of restaurants. The iPad cash register covers the needs of restaurants, multi-site groups and franchises, food trucks, festivals, bars, hotels, cafes and grocery stores. Thanks to the reliability and modularity of their solutions, as well as their attractive price, iKentoo now has more than 2,500 customers around the world, from independent food-trucks, the franchise chains, and even more.

The specifics of iKentoo cash register

To accelerate the sale

  • Order at the table, at the counter or online
  • Ergonomic and efficient interface
  • Quick entry and dispatchment of orders

To save time and money

  • Quick collections
  • Adaptable accounting
  • Automated stock management
  • Back-office configuration of your choice

Customer aspects

  • Integrated loyalty programmes
  • Clients accounts management
  • Reduced customer waiting time

Key features

  • 360º back-office management platform;
  • Advanced multi-site management;
  • Degraded mode without loss of function in the event of internet failures *;
  • Ergonomic and reliable remote controls;
  • Programmable cash register and easy access
  • Loyalty programme available free of charge to all the customers;
  • Advanced inventory management.

* Except payment methods / orders which inherently require an internet connection.

iKentoo’s quote

“We have as customers all types of restaurant owners from the food-truck to the international multi-site. Our mission is to support the restaurant owners through all the growth phases of their businesses, regardless of their positioning. Comparing other solutions available on the market, iKentoo is highly suited for multi-site restaurants, large table-service restaurants, bars / nightclubs and hotel restaurants.”

Integration of iKentoo with LivePepper

iKentoo can be easily integrated with LivePepper who offers creation of an online ordering site in both cases: collection and delivery. The use of iKentoo is easy. The customers place their orders on the LivePepper’s site and they arrive in the kitchen via the iKentoo cash register. The order details are then recorded by the cash register for centralized sales accounting and tracking. When a store’s iKentoo software is on, it picks up all new orders and new web customers (including orders placed outside opening hours). During restaurant’s opening hours, if a restaurant does not pick up web orders for an extended time slot; the online order is automatically put out of service with a message displayed on the site inviting customers to contact the restaurant by phone to order. In addition, the integration allows: 

  • The connection with the loyalty system of LivePepper allows the reductions or articles offered conforming to existing deals
  • Creation of iKentoo unique forms for new clients and collection of all the orders inside.

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