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LivePepper features

commande-en-ligne-LivePepperOnline ordering is now an unavoidable consumer practice, whether for takeaway or delivery services. LivePepper invites you to set up your restaurant’s very own online ordering site. LivePepper is a solution dedicated exclusively to restaurateurs, whether you be an independent establishment or a chain/franchise. Here we look at some of the options and features available with the LivePepper solution.

1. “Standard” features

The “standard” offer comprises basic featuresin a package with everything you need for €59 per month, including:

1.1 A responsive website

By adopting the LivePepper solution, you can be sure that your online ordering site will be responsive. This means that visitors to your site will benefit from an optimised browsing experience from any connected device – tablet, smartphone or PC. So there’s no need to invest in developing a mobile app.


Image of the Pizza Hut responsive website on a smartphone and a laptop

1.2 A site integrated into your restaurant’s corporate website

LivePepper is a flexible solution that adapts to the setup of your existing corporate website. The result is a seamless, fluid browsing experience between your corporate site and your ordering site; your customers will be unable to notice any change of interface.

online-ordering-restaurant   online-ordering-restaurant

1.3 Photos of your products that take centre stage

We can never stress this enough: visual is everything in the foodservices industry! On the premise that a picture is worth a thousand words, LivePepper attaches great importance to the photos of your products when formatting your online menus.


Pizz’Alchimie online ordering site


Brothers Crêpes & Café online ordering site

1.4 Customized products

Product customization is all the rage. Customers want bespoke menus and made-to-order dishes. With LivePepper, you can allow your customers to:

  • choose from several bases (such as types of pasta, or sauces),
  • then select the ingredients they want,
  • or deselect the ingredients they don’t want.

You decide on the level of customization that you want to grant your customers.


Excerpt from the Papa John’s France website

1.5 Order history tracking

This feature lets your customers view their order history. Regular customers who often place the same order can thus repeat a previous order in just a few clicks.


Excerpt from the Papa John’s France website

1.6 Placing the ordering system on standby

In case you can no longer ensure your restaurant service, for example due to an unforeseen event or during your team’s annual vacation, LivePepper lets instantly suspend access to the online ordering service. And once your “down time” is over, you can just as easily re-activate your service.


Excerpt from the Mezzo di Pasta site

1.7 Displaying delivery and pick-up hours

This feature lets your customers choose their pick-up or delivery time for orders placed on your site. They can thus take all the time they need to select their items and place their order in advance.


1.8 Customer login via a Facebook account

LivePepper integrates the Facebook Login in its online identification methods. This is a secure, fast and convenient way for your customers to log in. It means that they are automatically identified and saved in your database.


1.9 Access to online ordering reports and statistics

The LivePepper solution integrates access to reports and statistics concerning your online sales. You can thus monitor trends concerning:

  • your revenue,
  • the number of online orders received,
  • the number of new, active or lost customers,
  • the average basket amount.

You can also view your top-selling products: most profitable, and most ordered.

online-ordering-restaurant online-ordering-restaurant

1.10 Creating a domain name and hosting your online ordering site

LivePepper takes care of the creation, purchase and annual renewal of your online ordering site’s domain name. This service also includes the site’s hosting and maintenance. Note that you own the domain name of your e-commerce site. You can thus ask us to return it to you without any preconditions, if necessary.

2. “Expert” features

For €99 per month, the “expert” offer includesmore advanced features, such as:

2.1 Creating and managing a “set menus” and/or a “promotions” section

The LivePepper solution lets you easily and automatically manage set menus (starter/main/dessert) or promotional offers (e.g. buy one pizza, get one free). You can configure these promotions via the dedicated section in the backoffice, indicating:

  • the type of promotion concerned (discount on a combination of items, one free item for one purchased item, promotional code, etc.),
  • the products concerned by the promotion,
  • the discount amount.

The promotion will then be automatically applied when your customers place their order.


2.2 Managing an online loyalty programme

You can set up a loyalty programme via your LivePepper online ordering site. Customers can then earn points with every purchase made to obtain price reductions or free items after reaching a certain number of orders. You are free to define the points threshold, reduction amount or free item. Your customers can at all times view how many points they have earned via their online account.

2.3 Managing prices and availabilities online

Via the LivePepper backoffice, you can benefit from an expert functionality to manage the availabilities and prices of your products, and for each individual sales outlet.


Note that you can define these settings in line with the type of order placed: eat-in or takeaway.

2.4 Managing multi-site brands

If you own a chain of restaurants, LivePepper configures your back office in “multi-site” mode, which gives you access to:

  • a centralized management system and a single customer file,
  • a system for managing prices and availabilities per individual restaurant,
  • the distribution of promotions on a national or local level,
  • the automatic referral of orders to the nearest outlet, depending on the delivery area covered.

In multi-site management mode, LivePepper sets up a “shop picker” service: before placing their order, customers can enter their postal code and delivery street; they are then oriented towards the nearest online ordering site.


2.5 Exporting customer data

With the “expert” offer, you can export your customer data to create e-marketing campaigns, or conduct an in-depth analysis of your online sales.

3. “Bespoke” functionalities

LivePepper also offers “bespoke” functionalities to meet your every need. These are priced separately. Below are some examples of LivePepper’s bespoke options.

3.1 Upselling

This involves a dedicated space on each page of your website, where you can highlight your flagship products or your current promotions, for example.

online-ordering-restaurant online-ordering-restaurant

3.2 Showing the amount saved

In the frame containing the online basket, you can add a space in which you highlight the amount saved by your customers when they choose set menus or when they benefit from a discount.


By underscoring the amount saved by your customers, you increase their loyalty potential and their satisfaction.

3.3 Adding product filters

Vegetarian, organic or gluten-free dishes are increasingly mainstream. Given these new trends, enabling your customers to choose their dishes based on certain criteria can be a highly beneficial operation for your establishment.


For this purpose, LivePepper lets you add filters to your online menu to only display the products searched for by your customers.

3.4 Inserting tags on products

A less restrictive alternative to filtering your products is to add tags to the descriptions of your dishes. These are little icons that allow your customers to instantly identify the nature of the dish or its composition.


3.5 Integrating a list of favourites

To allow your customers to easily access their favourite dishes, this bespoke feature lets them create a list of favourites.


Excerpt from the Calixir ordering site

This is an ideal way to streamline the online ordering experience and to gain your customer’s loyalty.

3.6 Buying on credit

This feature allows your customers to deposit money to a dedicated account via their credit card. This account can then be used to pay for their purchases on your site. The money deposited by customers is immediately available in full on your bank account. Customer accounts can also be credited manually via the back office. Thus, for example, you can invite your customers to credit their meal vouchers for use on your site. This involves creating a professional customer account and a specific configuration on your online ordering site.

3.7 Customized order confirmation e-mails

This features lets you send customized confirmation e-mails that are consistent with your restaurant’s graphic charter (same colour code, logo, theme and typographics). More elaborate than standard confirmation e-mails, they will enable your customers to instantly recognize your establishment. Adopting a consistent format across all your communication devices is a guarantee of quality for your brand.


3.8 Managing an advanced loyalty programme

LivePepper lets you configure an advanced customer loyalty programme including a veritable dedicated space on your e-commerce site.


3.9 Adding a text box below the order basket

fonctionnalites-livepepper-boite-texte-sous-le-panierIf you would like to convey something on your e-commerce site that is not necessarily related to your online menu, LivePepper lets you add a text box for this purpose, below the purchase basket.


3.10 Customizable product composition

If you want to allow your customers to fully customize the composition of your items or dishes, this feature lets you do just that.


Excerpt from the Pizza Hut and Mezzo di Pasta online ordering sites

3.11 One-click payment

E-commerce can be made even more efficient by offering a one-clickonline payment possibility. By saving their credit card details beforehand, customers can gain precious time each time they pay for an online order.


Excerpt from the Papa John’s France ordering site

3.12 Deploying the LivePepper solution on in-restaurant ordering kiosks


LivePepper solution on an Acrelec kiosk

LivePepper can configure your menu, exactly as it appears on your online ordering site, on two types of ordering kiosks: 

  • a tablet-based kiosk,
  • an Acrelec kiosk with an integrated online payment and ticket printing system (this hardware is used by McDonald’s and KFC, among others).

In the fast food industry, ordering kiosks can be a very practical solution for limiting queue times.


Tablet-based ordering kiosk

3.13 Managing order flows

To better cope with rush hours, you can now limit the number of orders taken in a given time slot using the bespoke flow management functionality.

3.14 “Connected customer” widget

You can set up a widget on your site’s homepage for connected customers, situated between the site’s menu bar and slideshow. This widget allows customers to quickly go to their habitual sales outlet site, see the orders they have placed, or consult their favourites.


3.15 Signing up for a newsletter

If your restaurant publishes a newsletter, you can insert a newsletter sign-up form directly on your homepage. Customers can then enter their name and e-mail address inside this form to sign up. The data retrieved is directly saved to one of your MailChimp (newsletter solution) lists.


3.16 Order conditions

For orders placed a minimum period of time in advance, e.g. 24 hours before the delivery date, LivePepper can implement an order condition in the form of an algorithm. You can highlight this order condition using a dedicated icon so that it is clearly visible. site-commande-en-ligne-livepepper

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