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Signing up for the newsletter

fonctionnalites-livepepper-inscription-newsletterWith this feature, you can integrate a newsletter sign-up form directly into your restaurant website’s homepage.  

This feature is available at an additional cost, whatever the version of your site: standard or bespoke.

Newsletter sign-up form

You can insert a very concise form allowing customers to sign up for your restaurant’s newsletter directly in your site’s homepage. Customers simply enter their first name and e-mail address to sign up.

The data retrieved from your restaurant’s website is saved directly to one of your MailChimp (e-mailing solution) lists.

On a standard site

This is what the standard version of the newsletter subscription insert looks like.



On a bespoke site

In a bespoke version, it is possible to customize the design of this insert.



Why put a sign-up form on the homepage?

Putting the sign-up form directly on your website’s homepage will encourage visitors who don’t necessarily place orders on your online ordering site to find out more about your restaurant and stay informed of events, etc. That way, you can widen your database beyond your immediate customers.

Get in touch with the LivePepper team to find our more about this feature and set it up on your homepage.

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