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The favicon

LP-blog-favicon-introduction Even if this term is not necessarily widely known, favicons are everywhere. What exactly is a favicon, and what is it used for?

What is a favicon?

A favicon, or a shortcut icon, is an icon associated with a website. It is generally defined when creating a website. Here, for example, is the favicon for the LivePepper site: LP-blog-favicon-LivePepper

Where does the favicon appear?

You will find the favicon:

  • In the browser’s tab
  • In the bookmarks or favourites

  • In the navigation bar

Why use a favicon?

The favicon serves to quickly identify your website. This helps to customize it a little more within the browser.

Choosing your favicon

Favicons aren’t generated automatically; it’s up to you or your website designer to create a suitable icon. This icon should tie in with your visual identity in order to easily identify your site. Favicons generally represent the brand’s logo, or a part of this logo.

By way of example, the Zing Zing Chinese takeaway restaurant chain in London uses the “Z” of its logo for its favicon.

Zing Zing favicon: LP-blog-favicon-ZingZing (1)

Zing Zing logo: LP-blog-logo-ZingZing

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