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LivePepper features

commande-en-ligne-LivePepperOnline ordering is now an unavoidable consumer practice, whether for takeaway or delivery services. LivePepper invites you to set up your restaurant’s very own online ordering site. LivePepper is a solution dedicated exclusively to restaurateurs, whether you be an independent establishment or a chain/franchise. Continue reading

The SSL certificate

certificat-sslThe SSL certificate is used to provide secure, encrypted communications over the Internet. This digital certificate acts like an “ID card” for your website by ensuring the security of any information entered by visitors. Continue reading

Abandoned baskets on your online ordering site

abandon-panier-achat-en-ligneIn e-commerce, basket (or cart) abandonment is when an Internet user begins an order without finalizing it, i.e. without seeing the online purchasing process through to completion, and without paying for the items initially ordered. There can be all sorts of reasons behind an abandoned basket on your online ordering site. Here we will explore these reasons and see how to avoid them. Continue reading