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A specific page dedicated to half and half composition for your online ordering site

online-ordering-restaurant-livepepper-pizzeria-websiteWho has never hesitated between two dishes, or two recipes when ordering online? In order to avoid this type of dilemma, your LivePepper team has created a page specially dedicated to “half and half” composition. That is to say, prepared by our graphic designers, and implemented by our developers on your bespoke site, it will satisfy your customers’ desires!

The “half and half composition” page, prepared by your LivePepper graphic designers

It is, more precisely, an additional page with its own url. Depending on what you would like to see and your products, our graphic designers develop a bespoke design. To clarify, after listening to your expectations, and then submitting the design obtained for your validation, the developers then integrate the created page.

However, only bespoke sites allow these additional pages (“franchisee” page, “restaurant” page, “half and half” page, etc.). Standard sites, composed from pre-existing templates, are indeed incompatible with adding additional pages.

For this feature, acclaimed by customers, our graphic designers therefore carry out important work on the design of your site. That is to say, this is specially adapted to make “two in one” personalization possible. It consists of matching two recipes without having to order two products. To clarify, your customers do not have to order two pizzas to enjoy their two favourite compositions. Rather, they can, if they wish, simply choose two different halves!

Online ordering: the advantages of half and half composition

At a time when personalization is at the heart of consumer expectations, it is strategic for restaurant owners to satisfy this desire for bespoke products by ordering online. In other words, it is for this purpose that your LivePepper has created the optional “half-and-half composition” page. It is chargeable and exclusively available with bespoke sites.

As the pizza example illustrates, the half-and-half composition allows for a unique product but with two different flavours. To clarify, the customer can therefore choose a half “Margherita”, and another “Smokehouse”, whatever the size of pizza they order online. Assuming they choose this personalized composition, all they have to do is to select the “Half-Half” option and then pick the desired recipe for each half:


Online ordering site: NKD Pizza


Online ordering site: NKD Pizza


Particularly suitable for pizzas, but also for salads or other types of dishes, the “half and half” composition subsequently allows customers who order online:

  • For instance, to choose their two favourite recipes, without having to order two products;
  • Secondly, adapt the product ordered to different diets (half vegetarian, the other not, or even half with cheese and the other without dairy products);
  • In the same vein, to order a product for two without favouring the tastes of one or the other, and therefore to please everyone;
  • Etc.

This, subsequently, meets the growing demand for personalization of your customers, as does the bespoke composition.

Would you like to adapt your online ordering offer to consumers’ expectations? In other words, if you have a bespoke site, our graphic designers can create this additional page for you, and therefore satisfy as many people as possible. A real asset to attract new audiences and boost your sales! Please contact your LivePepper team now to discover more (

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