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AdWords: boost your online visibility

Are you getting started with online ordering, or looking to attract more visitors to your restaurant's website? LivePepper is at hand to support you with your AdWords campaigns to help improve your online visibility and bring qualified traffic to your site. This service is essential in order to enhance your search engine optimization and drive your sales skyward!

Google Ads: principle, benefits

Google AdWords, renamed “Google Ads” in 2018, is the most important tool to be used for launching or developing an e-commerce site. It gives you a direct reach to Internet users by targeting them very precisely – via the words they enter in the search engines – using ads or banners.

The goal is to make you more visible on Google when users enter words corresponding to your activity:

  • “chinese restaurant Oxford”;
  • “pizzeria open sunday Bristol”;
  • “vegetarian poke bowl;
  • “sushis home delivery”;
  • “catering wedding Manchester”;
  • etc.

With LivePepper’s assistance, this strategy is a particularly effective means of bringing qualified traffic to your site and increasing the chances of converting visitors to customers. Used to generate clicks, calls and visits, Ads also lets you measure your ROI (Return On Investment) in detail, keyword by keyword.

What Ads support does LivePepper offer?

Our teams can notably assist you with your keywords acquisition and remarketing effort:

  • creating and structuring Search campaigns (so that your ads will be more visible in the search results);
  • creating remarketing campaigns to retarget Internet users who visit your site without placing an order;
  • refining negative keywords to limit poorly targeted traffic;
  • continuously improving ads to better your conversion rate;
  • adding ad extensions to maximize the click/conversion rate, level of quality and positioning in the search results.

 LivePepper also provides you with assistance to measure your performance:

  • setup of conversion tracking with order amounts, to determine your ROI and ensure profitability;
  • setup of e-commerce transaction tracking in your Analytics account to maximize Google Ads’ performance.

Note: LivePepper’s optional, paid-for tracking service is independent of the budget that you decide to allocate to Google Ads.

Ads: don’t overlook Facebook and Instagram Ads

Although clearly essential, search engines alone are not always sufficient to improve your visibility and your sales. Facebook and Instagram have also become an essential part of any digital strategy. Here too, LivePepper can help you enhance your presence on these unavoidable social media platforms:

  • measurement of your Ads performance via the setup of Facebook Pixel (with conversion tracking);
  • remarketing to re-appear in your visitors’ news feed;
  • targeting by centre of interest for ultra-qualitative audiences;
  • customer match to tailor your campaigns to your customers on Facebook;
  • lookalike, to reach out to profiles similar to your existing audience;
  • etc.

Want to develop your business, make a name for yourself and reach the right audience at the right time? Get in touch with LivePepper to tap into the full potential of Ads.

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