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An additional “accessories” page for online ordering

LivePepper continues to innovate in online ordering. LivePepper’s new feature: the "accessories" page, allows customers to add complementary items, for example, condiments, cutlery sets or bread. This way, the restaurant owners have better control over the sale of extra products and better visibility of the little extras that complete the orders.

Online ordering: an “accessories” page that meets two objectives

Customers who choose to order online to taste the specialties of your restaurant, appreciate being able to add a little extra item:

  • sauces;
  • condiments;
  • cutlery or chopsticks;
  • napkins ;
  • bread.

If these extra products, free or not, constitute real added value in terms of quality of service, they can sometimes be difficult to manage: for the customer, who doesn’t always see clearly what is included, what can be added or what is already included. Then for the restaurant as it requires careful and responsive management of stocks and purchases. LivePepper has found the solution to this problem!  Our new feature provides more transparency to consumers and a convenient tool to organise restaurant sales.

“Accessories” page on your online ordering site: what about website presentation and how does it work?

First of all, on the form: this “accessories” page has the same design as you have chosen for your online ordering site so it fits perfectly into the existing design. Then, on the content: the various “accessories” offered are defined by the restaurant owner. It is therefore you who defines the quantity of products offered for each amount spent. You are also the one who sets the price of these extras, if the number of products offered is exceeded:


Here you can find an example to fully understand how the “accessories” page works when ordering online. In this case, the amount of an order reaches £8.90. The customer can therefore have 1 set of cutlery and 1 red chilli sauce, included in the price. If the customers wish, however, they can add an additional red chilli sauce for example which will cost them 0.30 pence, as below:


For the ordering user, this “accessories” page gives a clearer view of the complementary items included or in addition. For the restaurant, this feature allows a better control over the sale of accessories. Another advantage: it limits food waste as it avoids adding unnecessary extra products. Have better control of your expenses and anticipate your replenishments as accurately as possible!


Would you like to integrate this additional page into your restaurant’s online ordering site? Nothing could be simpler: the LivePepper team is on hand to explain to you everything about this new feature. Ask us your questions now (!

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