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Custom Design: customize your website’s design

The Ready-To-Go Design service offers a fast, economical solution for creating your restaurant's Online Ordering website. Available in the Standard and Expert subscription plans, the Ready-To-Go Design service lets you choose your colours and download your banner.

If you like, you can subsequently upgrade to the Custom Design or Bespoke Site service, and let the LivePepper team take care of everything.

What can I customize?

A set model comprising the key components of an Online Ordering website is used. You can:

  • customize the site’s colours, or use an existing theme
  • deploy a home page with a simple page layout
  • specify your business hours, address, phone number and Facebook page
  • download your site’s banner and icon
  • enter your menu
  • add pictures of your products
  • configure your business hours and payment methods

Examples of websites that use the Ready-To-Go Design service



To create your Ready-To-Go website, click on the “Free trial” button at the top right of this page. You can then choose your colour theme, insert your visuals, enter your data and publish your site.

What if I want a more elaborate design?

If you are not quite sure of your creative skills or simply don’t have the time, why not choose our Custom Design service, and let one of our professional graphic designers customize your Ready-To-Go design, enter your menu and configure your site for you? Examples of websites using the Custom Design service:



Lastly, if you want to go beyond merely customizing a standard website to create your own unique site, choose our Bespoke Site service. You will find a number of examples of sites using this service in our portfolio.

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