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Deliverect integrates your online ordering solutions at your POS system

Do you use an online ordering site, home delivery platforms and other apps for your restaurant? There are now tools to centralize them and integrate them into your existing POS.

This is the case with Deliverect, a LivePepper partner, which optimizes the flow of your orders with a complete integration, management and synchronization solution. So you can concentrate on your job!

Online ordering: centralize all your applications

While online ordering and delivery apps help you boost your sales, they also take time and powerful tools. However, you can avoid redundant procedures, ordering errors and integration problems by opting for a comprehensive solution.

To facilitate your organization and day-to-day management, LivePepper provides you with the solution of its partner Deliverect. Its principle is simple: integrate all orders, regardless of the site used, into your existing POS system. Deliverect thus connects your cash register to your applications and your online sales or delivery platforms:

It doesn’t matter, therefore, whether it’s your own online ordering site or third-party platforms. In addition, the integration of the Deliverect solution works with many POS systems. It is therefore compatible whatever yours, and whether or not LivePepper is a partner: EPOS Direct, Epos Now

Deliverect, how does it work?

Like Hubrise, Deliverect aims to communicate with each other the different solutions you use. Concretely, these platforms and management tools are grouped together on your Deliverect account. All your orders are therefore transferred to your cash register to avoid you having to copy them manually. This gives you a complete overview of all of your sales.

The solution developed by Deliverect allows in particular:

  • direct and automatic delivery of your orders to the kitchen in a standardized format;
  • the sending of the status of orders in real time to all concerned (restaurant, platform, etc.) for a smooth withdrawal or delivery process;
  • synchronization of your inventory and menus online, for one-click updates and easy-to-set deals;
  • an overview of your orders platform by platform, to know their performance and adapt your sales strategy if necessary;
  • managing your sales directly from the Deliverect application, even if you do not have a cash register.

It is therefore a practical tool for brands present on several platforms and / or who use different applications!

Are you interested in Deliverect and its features? Please contact our team to find out more about this complete solution that facilitates the multi-channel management of your restaurant (

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