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Delivery and pickup business hours on your e-store

Your restaurant’s delivery and pick-up times must not be overlooked. In fact, these details must be prominently displayed. Here we discuss why LivePepper invites you to highlight this information on your online ordering site.

Why it’s important to clearly display your delivery and pick-up times

If your restaurant’s online ordering site doesn’t clearly show your delivery and/or pickup times, and visitors reach the end of their purchase path only to see that your store is closed, they risk being very frustrated. And a disappointed customer is often a lost customer; they are likely to abandon their basket and, in future, steer clear of your online store. That’s why this information must not be overlooked.

How to highlight this information

By clearly showing whether your online store is open, along with the corresponding delivery and/or pickup times, you will properly inform your e-store’s visitors and avoid any reason for disappointment. The LivePepper solution lets you specify your order delivery times and/or order pick-up times. This information is displayed in the basket dialogue box, and remains constantly visible, whatever the page browsed, and even when a page is scrolled. LivePepper online ordering sites also feature an information pop-up accessible from all pages when the visitor clicks on “Restaurant information”.

This pop-up lets you specify your conditions of sale, i.e. your:

  • business hours,
  • accepted payment methods,
  • delivery charges, if applicable.

This is also where your customers will find:

  • your restaurant’s address,
  • an access map,
  • your contact details.

Properly informed with LivePepper’s online ordering solution, your customers can rest assured that there are no misunderstandings, and no risk of embarking on the ordering process in vain. To find our more about LivePepper’s plans and features, contact us!

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