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List of favourites on your e-store

fonctionnalites-livepepper-liste-favorisProviding your online ordering site’s regular customers with a list of favourites allows them to easily access their preferred items each time they order.

List of favourites: how does it work?

On a standard site

This feature uses a symbol (such as a star or heart) to highlight favourite items regularly ordered by your customers on your restaurant’s website.


All you have to do is indicate that a product is listed among their favourites so that they can easily access it in subsequent orders.

Highly appreciated by customers

For Internet users who regularly use your online ordering site, the list of favourites is a very practical device that helps them gain precious time:

  • their favourite items are saved in the “Favourites” tab, displayed once they connect;
  • and can then be added to the basket in just one click!


On a bespoke site

The difference on a bespoke site merely concerns the design. Here, our graphic designers are able to give freer rein to their creativity to modify the design in line with your brand’s graphic identity.













This feature, which makes for easier express online ordering, helps to improve the customer experience. LivePepper is at hand to help you set up this optional functionality: contact us (contact@livepepper.com) so that we can jointly improve the customer experience on your restaurant’s online ordering site!

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