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LivePepper: an online ordering solution that is being constantly improved

commande-en-ligne-LivePepperWhen it comes to online ordering, the choice for consumers is vast, while the competition for brands is fierce.

To allow restaurants to offer an online ordering platform that is both competitive and well-referenced, LivePepper develops a host of innovative functionalities intended specifically for restaurateurs.

Its considerable digital expertise combined with high technological added value serves to improve the customer experience – and average basket – via an interface that is just as advanced as those of the major brands.

Innovation: a prerequisite to developing online orders

Restaurants seeking to offer an online ordering solution face a threefold challenge:

  • retaining the visitor’s attention amidst an increasingly diverse offering,
  • inciting the visitor to place an order,
  • and convincing the visitor to come again.

This process starts with good search engine referencing, but also hinges on an excellent online ordering platform. In fact, winning over today’s ultra-connected and increasingly demanding customers requires state-of-the-art tools, along with a high-quality interface that is both user-friendly and effective. Without necessarily having either the time or expertise needed to achieve all of this, restaurateurs need to offer features that optimise and simplify:

  • the identification process;
  • the ensuing choice;
  • the ordering and delivery process;

And yet, the leading fast food brands that develop their own online selling solutions are by no means the only ones capable of innovating. All restaurant industry professionals can design highly effective online ordering sites provided they are well supported.

Superior features, from connection to delivery

LivePepper is a long-established player that helps restaurateurs to strengthen their online presence. It constantly innovates to offer the most resourceful technological solutions. Although complex to develop, the features devised by LivePepper are highly straightforward for users: they make ordering easy and improve the customer experience throughout the online ordering process:

  • Express ordering in just a few clicks;
  • List of favourites, allowing customers to easily find their favourite dishes;
  • Composing bespoke meals and half-half pizzas;
  • Pizza tracker, i.e. real-time monitoring of a pizza’s preparation and delivery, thanks to partner OrderLord;
  • Choice of payment method after placing the order, for greater freedom;
  • Online payment with the possibility for customers to save their banking details.

Improving the customer experience: LivePepper’s vocation

LivePepper’s wide range of features meets one of the connected restaurateur’s primary objectives, i.e. improving the customer experience. Customers seek the following:

  • an online ordering site that is user-friendly and straightforward;
  • being able to purchase online in as short a time as possible;
  • services that greatly simplify the online ordering process.

LivePepper not only develops features that respond to these different requirements, it utilizes customer feedback to provide ever more advanced possibilities. Want to win over new customers? Contact us to create or optimize your online ordering platform.

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