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Online ordering and display of nutritional values

The consumers are increasingly interested in having nutrition information. Energy value, fat content, amount of sugar or salt ... LivePepper offers you to integrate this nutritional information on your restaurant's online ordering site.

A page on your site dedicated to nutrition labeling

Would you like to transform the information to your clients about your products and their composition? Would you like to anticipate probable future regulatory obligations in this area? Whatever your motivations, LivePepper has developed a suitable solution for you.

A page, static or not, can in fact be added to the site of restaurants or catering companies wishing to communicate on the nutritional quality of the dishes they prepare:

  • calories;
  • fat;
  • sugar ;
  • salt ;
  • proteins;
  • etc.

You can now decide what information you wish to display on this page. In addition, you are also free to add other data that enhances the quality of your recipes: product origin, percentage of organic ingredients, etc.

Concretely, two possibilities are available:

  • a static page, for free, available with a standard or bespoke site, but with a limited design;
  • an additional page, extra charged, and exclusively available with the bespoke site.

In the second case, the design of this page is customizable. It adapts to your desires and preferences. You can even, if you wish, add visuals, choose different fonts, etc. So many options that make it possible to highlight the information contained, and that the static page does not offer!

Product composition: scrutinized by customers, required by law

Now, we can observe that the trend is growing the more and more because the customers and consumers wish to have access to such an information to know what they are eating.

What about the law? Since 2016, the legislation, in some countries, impose obligations to give the relevant food information to the consumers concerned. Pre-packaged food provided by various companies must have its composition, and thus facilitate the comparison of products between them by buyers. Better informed, they can therefore make the most favorable choices for their health.

Nearly half of industrial food products sold in stores go further with the Nutri-Score. This logo affixed to the packaging is based on a 5-color scale, associated with letters. From dark green to dark orange and from A to E, this gives customers a clear idea of the quality of a product in terms of diet and health. Seven European countries, including France and most of its neighbors, have already adopted it.

Would you like to display the nutritional value of the dishes and preparations offered by your brand? Do not hesitate to contact LivePepper ( if you have any questions.

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