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Online ordering: connection via a phone number

A great novelty on the online ordering market. In some countries the telephone number is THE connection reference (all sectors combined), such as: UK, Malta, Iceland, Pakistan, etc.

The phone number login feature allows your customers to login to your online ordering site with their phone number instead of their email address. We can also give them the choice: either their phone number or their email.

We offer 2 levels of settings for this feature

Level 1 – Sending a single SMS

The less expensive option.

When the customer creates his/her account, a code will be sent to him/her by SMS to verify the existence of his/her phone number, which will then be the connection reference.

The SMS provider is our partner Twilio. You will be charged for each SMS sent to your customers. SMS rates will be defined according to the rates displayed on the Twilio website.

During his/her next connection, the customer can then connect with his/her phone number and a predefined password, which he/she will have chosen himself/herself, as he/she would have been with a connection by email.

Level 2 – Sending several SMS

Expensive but most secure option.

Here when creating the customer account a code will be sent to him/her by SMS to verify the existence of his/her phone number. But also, at each connection, an SMS will be sent as a password. the code received by SMS then acts as a password to finalize the connection to his/her customer account. This implies that an SMS will be invoiced each time an account is created, but also each time a customer connects.

It is a modern and up-to-date solution that avoids the creation of fake order accounts.


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