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Online ordering for your restaurant, an essential tool

Boosted by the pandemic, online ordering from restaurants is a fundamental trend in the sector. The market continues to grow with promising development prospects. For restaurateurs, it is now crucial to have an online ordering solution. The latter responds to strong public expectations but also to real strategic issues.

During the covid pandemic, consumers began to order online. Since then, health restrictions have been lifted, but this buying habit has taken hold among most of the population. The latter have taken a liking to the delivery of meals at home, considered to be fast and practical. The figures also confirm this enthusiasm for online ordering, from which restaurants benefit directly. Thus, around the world:

Overall, the rise of online ordering from restaurants is therefore a phenomenon that can be observed all over the planet.

What are the 2023 online ordering trends for restaurants?

As expected, the key e-commerce figures for 2022 bear witness to the importance of online ordering. In France for example:

  • 38% of e-shoppers based in France have been ordering more online since the start of the health crisis;
  • 42% of French Internet users used online meal delivery services between May 2021 and May 2022;
  • the share of e-commerce in retail trade has increased from 10% in 2019 to 14.1% in 2021.

What is more, it has been proved that the buyers order mostly from their mobile.

Hence the interest of declining online ordering on an app to meet the needs of these 22.3 million consumers.

Secondly, the use of marketplaces, or market places, is growing. It is estimated that 50% of accommodation and catering players are present on one or more marketplaces.

Online ordering for restaurants, key to digital transformation

In the restaurant industry, going digital is no longer an option or a distant prospect. It is now an essential investment to diversify your sales channels and boost your turnover. This digital transformation involves the development of an efficient and customizable online ordering tool for restaurants. Such a solution has several advantages:

  • the independence of restaurateurs vis-à-vis intermediaries such as platforms;
  • control by the establishments themselves of their commercial policy, their offer and their image;
  • minimizing the risk of errors in orders or preparations;
  • a quality customer experience (24/7 ordering, adapted interface, targeted promotions, etc.).

Today, restaurants are more than ever invited to accelerate their digitization.

The interest is all the greater as the online ordering tools of independent restaurants dominate the market. In 2024, 244.6 million Europeans will place orders from the online restaurant ordering site. They will be less than half (108.4 million) to do so on a platform!

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