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Online ordering: online payment offer with PayPal

A convenient and secure online payment solution, PayPal allows your customers to pay for their order in just a few minutes. Would you be interested in integrating it into your restaurant's online ordering site? Furthermore, as part of its special offer, LivePepper can quickly set up this payment method for you from your back office.

Over 10 million PayPal users in France!

The growing success of e-commerce, owes a lot to the simplification of transactions. That is to say, convenient for the Internet user on a daily basis, PayPal is however more difficult to configure for professionals than other solutions like Stripe. Your LivePepper team recommends that you set up your account in “merchant mode”, in order to offer your customers the most optimal and simple experience possible. Furthermore well configured, it allows users to choose this payment method without having a PayPal account.

Please note: PayPal charges a commission. If you wish you can charge your client by applying a service charge (optional).

How do I pay for an order online with PayPal?

For customers of your restaurant’s online ordering site, the procedure is simple:

  1. The customers choose their products and places theirs orders.
  2. As a result, after validation, they choose the corresponding payment method.
  3. Once redirected to PayPal, they enter their bank details if they do not have a PayPal account. Alternatively, there are PayPal identifiers if they are already users.
  4. To sum up, the online payment is finalized and the order is registered!

Restaurant owners who wish to do so, can require online payment for certain types of order only. For example, you can require online payment for collection, but still accept payment in cash or restaurant vouchers for delivery. You can also offer “default” online payment, so that this method appears first when your customers finalize their order.

Would you like to configure PayPal on your restaurant’s online ordering site? Your LivePepper teams support you in integrating the most essential one-click payment solutions. Contact us to find out more and quickly put them in place (!

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