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Online ordering: promotions

commande-en-ligne-restaurantWant to implement promotions on your LivePepper online ordering site? Our tool offers a whole host of possibilities for this purpose. In fact, you can set up three types of promotions:

  • Automatic
  • Explicit
  • Promotion code

“Automatic” promotions

By definition, the “automatic” concept relies on a mechanical or computerized mode of operation, performed without any human intervention. You can thus program an “Automatic” promotion that will be systematically applied if all the ordering conditions configured beforehand are satisfied. Une promotion automatique n’est pas forcément visible dans l’onglet PROMOS de votre site. However, you can notify your customers of this promotion via physical communication devices such as flyers, via your social networks, or via an e-mail campaign. For example: Pizza Family, a fast food pizza restaurant based in Bayeux, France, has set up the following promotions:

  • Buy 1 pizza (medium or large) to take away and get 1 pizza (medium or large) free
  • Buy 1 pizza (medium or large) for home delivery and get a 50% discount on the second pizza.

Both these promotions are valid all year round, and apply automatically, without the customer having to search for the on-site “PROMO”. Setting up an “Automatic” promotion

“Explicit” promotions

By definition, the “explicit” concept infers that something is clearly stated, and leaves no room for any misinterpretation. With LivePepper, an explicit promotion is one that is:

  • clearly visible on your site in the PROMOS tab;
  • clearly stated, both in terms of its title, its price, and its applicability.

For example: Pizz’Ago, a fast food pizza restaurant based in Cholet, France, has set up the following promotions:

  • 2 average-sized pizzas + 1 drink (1.5L) for €24.90, valid for home delivery only, up until 31/05
  • 2 large-sized pizzas for €18.90, valid for takeaway only, up until 31/05

Setting up an “Explicit” promotion

Promotions based on a promotion code

By definition, a promotion code, which is basically a digital discount coupon, is an alphanumeric code that must be entered in the shopping basket when proceeding via the online purchase process. There are two types of coupon codes:

Single-use coupon code

This coupon can only be used once per account. It may be a code sent by text or via a newsletter, or a code sent to several existing customers to gain their loyalty. Or it may be a “Welcome” code specifically intended for new customers, to obtain a 10% discount, or 50 loyalty points, on their first order. You can use any type of communication channel to distribute this code: flyer, social network, corporate website, etc.

Temporary-use coupon code

This non-personalized code is valid for all customers who satisfy certain preconfigured conditions of use. For example: Special offer: buy a Nutella pizza for €3.90 using the “GOURMAND” code from 10/05 to 31/05.

Setting up a promotion using a “promotion code”

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