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Online ordering reports and statistics

With access to reports and statistics concerning the online orders placed on your restaurant's e-commerce site, you benefit from precious, detailed data to be able to maximize your revenue.

All your restaurant stats available in real time

Thanks to this feature, you can consult your online order statistics at all times, for a single outlet or an entire chain of outlets. Established on a monthly basis, the statistics go back to the e-commerce site’s roll-out, and indicate the following for each period:

  • average basket;
  • number of online orders;
  • online revenue;
  • number of new customers;
  • best-selling products.

An all-important tool for your commercial strategy

Using your dashboard, accessible via a personalized access code (unique to each restaurant for a chain), you can export all your order data and customer data to Excel. You can then consult these Excel spreadsheets offline, outside the platform. Subsequently tracking and analyzing this data gives you insight into:

  • an offer’s effectiveness,
  • products that sell well/don’t sell well,
  • customer habits,
  • online ordering peak times within your restaurant

Based on this kind of information, you can devise or rethink your targeted commercial actions (promotions, price changes, sales targets, etc.) to boost your revenue.

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