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Online ordering : set up a “Coupon code” deal

Instructions for setting up a deal based on a Coupon code.

Here we will consider the following example: “Free Starter” with this coupon code : FSSTG. Offer for a single discount only, valid until 31 July 2017.

Configuring the deal in the LivePepper back office

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Click Create a deal;

online-ordering-restaurant-5 Once inside the deal, enter the following details:

  • Name: give your deal a name or the coupon code. In our example, this will be “Free Starter” the deal name, but this could be also “FSSTG”;
  • Type: choose Coupon Code;
  • Code: this is the code that customers will enter on your online ordering site to benefit from the discount. In our example, the coupon code is 7STGS17,
  • Use: valid once only for the customer account;
  • Discount: here, the deal concerns the Starters, so select the on specific items option;


  • Click Add a line. Here, you must add as many lines as there are items in your deal. Thus, in our example concerning Free Starter, there is 1 starter = 1 line.

online-ordering-restaurant-7 A new window opens for each line added.

  • Here, select the product(s) concerned by this coupon code.  If you have a set list of starters, you can select them one by one via the drop-down list. Press and hold Ctrl to select more than one. If the deal concerns the category of starters, you can directly use the name of the category.
  • Description: enter “item 1” or “Starter”, for example;
  • Price: Free
  • Free extras: 0;
  • Click Save.

online-ordering-restaurant-23 The line is displayed at the end of this operation. online-ordering-restaurant-24

Edit a line

You can at all times modify a line. To do so, click Edit. online-ordering-restaurant-25 To add products:

  • Click Add;
  • Select the products to add in the drop-down list;
  • Click Add the selected product(s);
  • You can indicate a supplementary cost in the “Set an extra charge for these products or leave blank” field in case, for example, the customer adds a starter with smoked salmon, where smoked salmon is more expensive; here, you can add a supplement of €3;
  • Save.

online-ordering-restaurant-26 To delete items on the line, click on the trash can at the end of the line: online-ordering-restaurant-27


Now that you have added your two lines, you can define the deal’s availability.

  • The Enabled box must be checked if you want the deal to be enabled right away;
  • days: here, select the days on which your offer is valid (M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, T = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, S = Sunday);
  • Start and end times: no need to enter this field if your offer is valid all day;
  • Start and end dates: enter this field if your offer is valid for a set period; otherwise, leave it blank.


  • Delivery method: define whether this offer is for takeaways, home deliveries, or both;
  • Combinable: can the deal be combined with other deals? If yes, select “Combinable”, otherwise, select “Not combinable”;
  • Max. repetitions: if you want to limit the number of times the deal can be repeated for the same order, enter a number here. For example, if your offer is valid once only, enter 1, otherwise leave this field blank.
  • Min. order amount: fill in this field if you want your deal to apply as of a certain order amount, otherwise leave it blank.

Advanced settings

  • POS code: you must enter this code if your LivePepper online ordering site is integrated in your POS solution. This code is the coupon code.
  • Allocation: Optimized for the store / Optimized for the customer

online-ordering-restaurant-28 After entering all these settings, click Save. A summary of your deal is then displayed in the Deals. online-ordering-restaurant-29

Deleting the deal

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Select the deal that you want to delete;
  • Click Delete.


Edit the deal

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Select the deal that you want to modify;
  • Click Edit.


Preview of the deal on your online ordering site

Your customer has received their coupon code by e-mail or by some other means of communication, and now wants to benefit from this discount on a Free Starter. The customers add a starter to their basket on your online ordering site:

Saba To Go

The customer can then enter their coupon code in the “Enter a Coupon code” field: FSSTG The deal is now valid and visible in the basket:

Saba To Go

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