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Online ordering : set up an “Explicit” deal

Instructions for setting up an Explicit deal.

Here we will consider the following example: Meal for OneAny Individual 1/ 4m  Pizza + Any Side or Selected Desserts + Dip for delivery and collection.

Step 1: displaying the deal in PepperShop

  • Log in to Peppershop;
  • Create a new family of products called “Deals” or “Meal deals” ; this will then be used to display all your current deals on your online ordering site;


  • Create a product in the Deals family and name it after your deal, in this case Meal for One
  • In the description, enter the conditions of use, for example: validity day(s), products concerned by the deal, mode concerned (delivery, collection). In our example, the description is as follows: Any Individual 1/ 4m  Pizza + Any Side or Selected Desserts + Dip for delivery and collection;
  • Price:
    • If the price is fixed, enter it (this is the case in our example: the price is £15.95).
    • If the price varies, for example the price depends on the pizzas selected, don’t enter a price.
  • Image: if you like, you can insert an image for this deal by clicking on the camera icon;
  • Click Save to save your changes.


Step 2: Configuring the deal in the LivePepper back office

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Click Create a deal.


Once inside the deal, enter the following details:

  • Name: give your deal a name. Use the exact name as that entered in PepperShop. In our example, it will be Meal for One;
  • Type: select Explicit;
  • In the drop-down list, select the PepperShop product corresponding to the deal, i.e. Meal for One. The selected product is now highlighted in grey;


  • Discount: here, the deal concerns pizzas, so select the on specific items option;
  • Click Add a deal line. Here, you must add as many lines as there are items in your deal. In our “Any Individual 1/ 4m Pizza + Any Side or Selected Desserts + Dip” deal, there are 1 Pizza + 1 side or dessert + 1 dip = 3 items


A new window opens for each line added.

First line:

This line concerns the first pizza, i.e. the one bought at the advertised price.

  • Here, select the products concerned, i.e. the products available for the first pizza. If you have a set list of pizzas, you can select them one by one via the drop-down list. Press and hold Ctrl to select more than one. If the deal concerns a sub-category of pizzas, a specific size or several sizes, you can directly use the name of the sub-category or size. In our example, “Pizzas (Individual 1/4m)” are concerned. You must thus select “Pizzas (Individual 1/4m)”.
  • Description: enter “Item 1″ or “Pizza”;
  • Price: 15.95 (this is the price of the deal you propose)
  • Free extras: 0 (unless you want to offer up to X extras, in which case you must replace the 0 by the figure X);
  • Click Save.


Second line:

This line concerns the second item : the dip

  • Click Add a line again.
  • Select the “Dip” family;
  • Description: enter item 2;
  • Price: select Free in the list;
  • Free extras: 0;
  • Click Save.


Third and last line:

This line concerns the second item : the side or dessert

  • Click Add a line again.
  • Select the different sides and dessert you want to propose in this deal;
  • Description: enter item 3;
  • Price: select Free in the list;
  • Free extras: 0;
  • Click Save.


Three lines are displayed at the end of this operation: one for the first pizza, one for the dip and one for the sides and desserts.


Modifying a line

You can at all times modify a line. To do so, click Edit.


To add products:

  • Click Add;
  • Select the products to add in the drop-down list;
  • Click Add the selected product(s);
  • You can indicate a supplementary cost in the “Set an extra charge for these products or leave blank” field in case, for example, the customer adds a pizza with smoked salmon, where smoked salmon is more expensive; here, you can add a supplement of €3;
  • Save.


To delete items on the line, click on the trash can at the end of the line:



Now that you have added your two lines, you can define the deal’s availability.

  • The Enabled box must be checked if you want the deal to be enabled right away;
  • Days: here, select the days on which your offer is valid (M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, T = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, S = Sunday);
  • Start and end times: no need to enter this field if your offer is valid all day;
  • Start and end dates: enter this field if your offer is valid for a set period; otherwise, leave it blank.


  • Delivery method: define whether this offer is for takeaways, home deliveries, or both;
  • Combinable: can the deal be combined with other deals? If yes, select “Combinable”, otherwise, select “Not combinable”;
  • Max. repetitions: if you want to limit the number of times the deal can be repeated for the same customer, enter a number here. For example, if your offer is valid once only, enter 1, otherwise leave this field blank;
  • Min. order: fill in this field if you want your deal to apply as of a certain order amount, otherwise leave it blank.

Advanced settings

  • POS code: you must enter this code if your LivePepper online ordering site is integrated in your POS solution. This code is the deal code.
  • Allocation:
    • Optimized for the store: the least expensive pizza will be offered to the customer;
    • Optimized for the customer: once the deal concerns a minimum 3 pizzas, the most expensive pizza of the 2 least expensive pizzas will be offered to the customer.


After entering all these settings, click Save. A summary of your deal is then displayed in the Deals menu.


Deleting the Deal

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Select the deal that you want to delete;
  • Click Delete.


Edit the Deal

  • Connect to the LivePepper back office:;
  • Select Deals in the left-hand menu;
  • Select the deal that you want to modify;
  • Click Edit.


Preview of the Deal on your online ordering site

  1. The deal is clearly visible on the online ordering site in the Meal Deals tab;
  2. Onceyou click Add, you can choose the pizza, the dip and the side or dessert;
  3. Once all items have been selected, the deal is applied and is visible in the basket.

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