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OrderLine: receiving your online orders

livepepper-restaurant-online-ordering-orderlineThe PepperShop, which until now has allowed you to manage your restaurant’s menu and online orders, will gradually be replaced by OrderLine, a 100% web-based solution; more modern and even more practical. Just a few minutes are all that is needed to get started with this responsive interface, accessible on tablet as well as on computer. A real advantage for management of your online ordering site!

Managing your menu and orders online has never been as easy as it is now

Historically, PepperShop was used to manage your restaurant menu online (update, addition and / or removing your products, customization, etc.), as well as to receive and manage orders placed by customers on the online ordering site.

To facilitate the management of your site, LivePepper recommends to you this new solution, which makes online ordering much easier. Several major changes go with this replacement, which you can already benefit from:

  • The implementation of the menu and its content is now done directly from the LivePepper’s back office, to which this solution has been fully integrated;
  • OrderLine is a 100% web-based solution, for which internet access is sufficient to connect and manage orders placed online;
  • OrderLine can be improved at any time, unlike PepperShop whose obsolete technology makes maintenance impossible;
  • OrderLine has a responsive design, which allows it to be used not only on a computer, but also on a tablet (or even on a smartphone, even if this format, which is too small, is not necessarily recommended);
  • So many functions and options that make it possible to further improve the service provided to restaurant owners.

An available solution and easy to use immediately

OrderLine can be accessed through a HubRise account, free of charge (for exclusive use of OrderLine). This solution is already available and accessible to all LivePepper customers, whether you have opted for a standard site in your colours or for a bespoke site. While waiting for its final disappearance, probably in 2021; you can, of course, choose to keep the PepperShop solution. However, it implies accepting its technical limitation: since no support will be carried out on it, making any evolution or improvement of the current tool impossible.

Would you like to upgrade from PepperShop to OrderLine? Nothing could be simpler: you can contact Magdalena Lis (, from the LivePepper team, to create your HubRise account and receive training on how to use OrderLine. Just fifteen minutes are enough to discover how this simple solution functions!

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