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Rush hour management

Rush hour management serves to temporarily limit the number of orders on your restaurant’s online ordering site to better cope with the peak times.

Managing rush hours thanks to an algorithm

The rush hour management feature is based on a pre-defined algorithm used to limit the number of orders or products available over a given period of time. Extremely useful for coping with busy periods on your restaurant’s online ordering site, this tool helps to avoid:

  • your customers from having to wait too long;
  • your team from being overloaded.

How does it work?

The limit on the number of products produced per time slot

You wish to limit the number of products to 10 from Monday to Thursday, for example, between 6.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. The “Rush hour management” feature allows you to set this gauge on the computer for the desired time frame in a few clicks from your back office.

Once the limit is reached, a message is displayed preventing the order. No additional order, beyond 12 configured, can be placed on this time slot.

The limit of the number of orders accepted per time slot

Do you prefer to limit the number of orders compared to withdrawal methods? This is also possible. Take for example a restaurant owner who wishes to limit the number of deliveries to 4 orders and collection to 6. Similarly, you can do it easily from your back office.

Our feature Rush hour management is often taken in tandem with Timeslots.

Our team can integrate this option into your online ordering site immediately. All you have to tell us is:

  • what type of rush hour management you would like to insert (limit the number of orders and / or products),
  • the validity of this condition: days, midday and / or evening service,
  • the withdrawal method (collection and / or delivery).

 LivePepper can integrate this feature into your online ordering site: contact our team ( to find our more.

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