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Why and how to hook up your online ordering site with your POS solution

To manage your restaurant’s daily business activity, you may use a POS solution that makes light work of accounting for sales and receipts. This POS software solution will usually be associated with a cash register terminal.

If you are looking to boost your revenue and develop your restaurant’s renown by providing customers and prospects with an online ordering facility, you must consider how to optimally manage your online orders. And, especially, how best to avoid duplicate entries and automate the entire process. The answer is straightforward: you need to integrate your POS solution with your online ordering site so that your data is automatically conveyed from one to the other, in both directions.

Why integrate your POS solution with your online ordering site?

Hooking up your POS solution to your restaurant’s website, especially the part dedicated to ordering dishes and products online, offers a number of advantages:

  • a considerable gain in time, as everything is centralized,
  • no need to copy data from one system to the other
  • better organization with a single database for your customers, orders, etc.
  • having customer data that is automatically centralized
  • no extra costs, depending on the solution adopted

The upshot: increased productivity, fewer errors when entering data and receiving orders, and the possibility of offering your customers an online ordering facility.

Understanding how to link your POS solution to your LivePepper online ordering solution

How to establish a link between your POS solution and LivePepper all depends on the software you are using. In the best-case scenario, you can benefit from push/pull integration, which allows you to synchronize everything – not just the menu, but also loyalty points, the customer database, etc. So what does that mean in concrete terms?

  • With the push capability, orders placed by your customers on your website arrive directly on your POS solution. This avoids you from having to record orders manually, since everything is centralized.
  • With the pull capability, you can send the menu entered on your POS solution to your website. This means that your online products are updated automatically from your restaurant’s software solution.

Ideally, having both push and pull capabilities offers the biggest time gains and the easiest form of management, since both systems communicate seamlessly with one another without the need for any manual intervention on your behalf.

Generally, this push or push/pull integration depends on your POS solution. Technically speaking, the extent to which your API is “open” will influence how well it can be integrated with your online ordering site (an API allows two applications to communicate with one another, even if they are coded differently).

POS partners already on board with LivePepper

Do you already use a particular POS solution and want to know how to integrate it in your LivePepper online ordering site? Below a list of the compatible POS solutions.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the LivePepper solution, by all means contact us (

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