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Online ordering follow-up and history

fonctionnalites-livepepper-suivi-et-historique-des-commandesBeing able to track orders and access the online order history is particularly useful for customers on your restaurant’s e-commerce site, and will lead to considerable gains in time both for them and you. By offering this feature, you will allow your regular customers to repeat their previous orders in just a few clicks. Continue reading

Timeslots on your e-store

tranches-horaires-fonctionnalite-livepepperEver wondered whether longer timeslots would bring you greater freedom to organize your pick-ups/deliveries? With LivePepper, you can configure the timeslots proposed to customers on your online ordering site in line with your needs. Continue reading

The connected customer widget

fonctionnalites-livepepper-widget The “Connected Customer” widget is a bespoke feature for your online ordering site brought to you by LivePepper. You can install it if LivePepper takes care of your restaurant’s entire web project, i.e. the development of both your corporate website and your online ordering site. Continue reading