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New customer: payment by credit card compulsory for the first online order

feature-livepepper-online-ordering-payment-restaurantImposing payment by credit card for any first order, permits you to quickly make profitable the implementation of an online payment solution. To clarify, you will immediately perceive the benefit of sales, made through your site. This feature from your LivePepper, also assures you of the existence of your customers, and therefore avoids false orders that will never be recovered. Continue reading

The localization widget available for standard sites

livepepper-locator-feature-restaurant-online-orderingUntil now, reserved for the bespoke site, the localization widget on the homepage is now available with a standard site. That is to say, your customers have access to this practical tool as soon as they connect to your restaurant’s homepage. Consequently, therefore, there is no need to go through the location page, to find out if their address is covered by the delivery, or to find the nearest restaurant. Continue reading

A retractable basket for your online ordering site

basket-retractable-feature-restaurant-online-ordering-siteAvailable for all bespoke sites; the paid option “Retractable basket”, reduces the space dedicated to the basket on your web page. In other words, it then becomes a simple button at the top of the site. This feature is very useful, if you wish to optimize the graphics of your online ordering site. It therefore frees up space for larger product images. Continue reading