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New customer: payment by credit card compulsory for the first online order

Imposing payment by credit card for any first order, permits you to quickly make profitable the implementation of an online payment solution. To clarify, you will immediately perceive the benefit of sales, made through your site. This feature from your LivePepper, also assures you of the existence of your customers, and therefore avoids false orders that will never be recovered.

While some platforms like Stripe or PayPal offer free plans, setting up an online payment solution can cost up to € 450 for a contract taken out through a bank. After such an investment, many restaurant owners will wish to recover the costs as quickly as possible, while ensuring a minimum of profit.

In fact, the “Payment by credit card compulsory on first order” feature allows you to receive money quickly. In other words, thanks to online payments, this is feasible from bank account to bank account. Therefore, payment by credit card guarantees you access to available liquidity in a very short time. There is only one condition for adding this LivePepper feature: having an online payment solution such as PayPal, Stripe or even Ingenico.

Another advantage of this feature is to protect you against any false order. Payment by credit card, guarantees that they are real customers who order from real accounts. That is to say, no bad surprises for restaurant owners, so they can be sure they don’t lose money.

As soon as it is added to your restaurant’s online ordering site, the “Payment by credit card required on first order” feature applies to any new user who completes their purchase. In other words, all they have to do is to create their account on your site, then pay by credit card. The following times, they will be able to:

  • either pay again with their bank card, without having to re-enter its information, if they have opted for their secure backup;
  • or select the means of payment of your choice among those you have configured on your online ordering site (cash, meal vouchers, etc.).

Consequently, overall, the constraint therefore remains limited for customers. The “Payment by credit card compulsory on first order” feature, can even save them time. Once this payment method has been registered, a few clicks are enough to pay their next order online in the same way. In other words, there is no need, then, to re-enter their bank references!

In order to boost the activity of your online ordering site, the list of your LivePepper features, is constantly being enriched with innovative solutions. Would you like to know more about one of them? Are you interested in activating “Payment by credit card obligatory on first order” now? Your team is at your disposal to provide you with the advice and assistance you need (

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