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Community management: a major issue for your restaurant

As part of its marketing support service, LivePepper now offers restaurateurs a community management service, i.e. managing and enhancing your online presence. What exactly does this entail? And what makes it so important? Read on...

What does community management involve?

Community management involves different missions:

  • fostering your social networks;
  • managing and consolidating your online presence;
  • monitoring your image and your e-reputation.

In order to attract potential customers or maintain good relations with existing customers, using social media has become simply unavoidable.

In fact, finding a brand on the social networks is now second nature for many consumers. As a minimum, a well-maintained Facebook page or Instagram account, plenty of recent opinions, and attention to questions asked online all represent important criteria when users come to choose one restaurant over another.

Making proper use of the various social networks requires time, inspiration, and good knowledge of digital tools. LivePepper ticks all these boxes.

LivePepper’s expertise in terms of community management

In concrete terms, LivePepper offers to manage your restaurant’s Facebook page and Instagram and/or LinkedIn accounts. To do so, our team provides you with following services:

  • conducting market research to optimally tailor your digital strategy to your target, and competitive intelligence to identify the practices of brands similar to your own;
  • creating suitable, attractive visuals by drawing on the skills of a professional graphic designer;
  • managing the content of your social networks with regular posts (articles about your restaurant, upcoming events, presentation of latest news, happenings, competitions, etc.);
  • promoting your brand and your offers through editorial content, messages and images;
  • creating and coordinating a community by “recruiting” internet users who match your target and your geographic region;
  • moderating comments, with a special focus on maintaining quality customer relations (by responding to criticism politely and constructively, avoiding unanswered questions, removing abusive, defamatory comments, etc.);
  • managing ads on social media (sponsored content in particular);
  • monitoring actions, analysing results and trends (via reporting, tracking and statistics).

By entrusting us with all of these tasks, you stand to gain precious time and optimize your online presence while attracting new customers.

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