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Delivery of online ordering: features and benefits

Hours, areas served, minimum amount or even payment methods; to clarify; when it comes to delivery; you set up the rules! From the LivePepper’s back office, you can configure and manage your online ordering site; that is to say, various features allow you to choose your delivery methods. In other words, allowing you as closely as possible to adhere to your needs and your customers' expectations.

Online ordering: the importance of delivery time slots

One of the reasons why customers are in favour of online ordering, is its convenience and speed. Most importantly, the free choice of delivery time slots contributes to this easiness of usage, which allows everyone to organize themselves according to their availability and preferences. Do your customers wish to have a delivery at 2.15 p.m.? All they have to do is to select this time when validating their basket:







If the organization of your deliveries requires extended time slots, no worries! Our teams can change the default configuration, which provides for delivery times spaced 15 minutes and opt for time slots instead. Subsequently, your customers are then informed of a delivery BETWEEN 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., and no longer at 11:45 a.m., for example.

Also please note: LivePepper has developed a rush hour management feature to temporarily limit the number of orders on your restaurant’s online ordering site. Consequently this allows better cope with the peaks in activity. Moreover this a practical tool which saves customers and your teams from having to deal with an unmanageable overload of activities!

Selection of delivery area for online ordering

From the back office of your online ordering site, you can activate the “Delivery” method easily and quickly. After that, once the delivery is operational, you have to choose the served area(s):

  • Either by simply entering the postal codes concerned;
  • Or by drawing it or them directly on Google Maps as in the example below.


In this part of the back office, you also have the possibility to indicate, zone by zone, a minimum order amount for the delivery. Subsequently, you can to the same for the free delivery of your online orders.

What payment methods for the delivery of online orders?

Anxious to offer them ever more freedom and simplicity, restaurant owners offering home delivery can allow their customers to pay online when ordering. In additon, Ingenico ePayments; a LivePepper partner since 2015, includes a wide range of payment methods for your customers, who can be sure to find the one they prefer: credit card, Visa, etc.

What about tipping? In order to respond to an increased demand of restaurant owners who wish to offer to their customers the option of adding online tips for delivery drivers, LivePepper has created an online tipping feature. As a consequence, this option is all the more useful as it avoids the exchange of cash and saves everyone’s time: hungry customers as well as the delivery team in a hurry!

Would you like to know all about the features that relate to delivery? Furthermore do you have you any questions regarding the tools at your disposal or do you need any help in setting up your online ordering site? The entire LivePepper team is available to help you to boost your sales and best meet your customers’ expectations (

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