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Entrust your online ordering site’s editorial content to a professional!

Having an attractive website complete with online ordering for your restaurant is one thing; making sure it includes top-notch editorial content is quite another! Remember, the text on your website directly determines its Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while furthering your brand image. For this purpose, as part of its marketing support assistance, LivePepper offers you the services of specialist Web editors.

Why do the texts on your restaurant’s website help to optimize its SEO? 

On Google, as with most search engines, SEO is based on the words found on a site. It works much more effectively when the most strategic keywords, i.e. those that Internet users are most likely to use in their searches, appear several times. That way, they are easier to identify for Google and other search engines. For example, a person living in Bristol wanting to order some pizza online will likely key in:

  • “pizza Bristol”;
  • “home made pizza in Bristol”;
  • “pizza delivery in Bristol”;
  •  etc.

Bear in mind, however, that one does not become a Web editor overnight (just like one does not become a restaurateur overnight). Entering keywords repetitively or without any editorial consistency has its limits. That’s why we advise you to entrust this part of your website’s content to a professional Web editor, who will know exactly how to fully exploit the texts that present your restaurant, and make them pleasant to read.


Expertise from an editorial professional for the benefit of your restaurant’s website 

Among the various services included in LivePepper’s marketing support service for restaurants seeking to improve their communication, you can benefit from the expertise of a professional writer/Web editor. Their task will be firstly to discuss your situation with you over the phone in detail (this lasts about 40 minutes) to fully take stock of:

  • your website;
  • your requirements;
  • your brand’s specificities and advantages;
  • the keywords you wish to highlight and repeat as frequently as possible;
  • etc.

On this basis, the Web editor will then draft the content of your restaurant’s homepage: presentation, history, “about”, highlighting of the online ordering service, etc. This involves composing a first version of the texts before submitting them for your approval.


The texts present on your restaurant’s website are a real bonus for your business

Beyond mere SEO, presenting high-quality texts on your restaurant’s website is a guarantee of quality, one that your customers will appreciate. To be sure, website texts with spelling mistakes or poor turns of phrase will be seen as a sign of neglect and carelessness. Faced with this type of content, visitors will wonder: “Can I really trust the quality of their cooking if this is anything to go by?” “Do I really want to place an order with a restaurant that puts such little value on its image?” Indeed, quality fosters trust, which is key to any lasting business relationship.

To optimize the presentation of your restaurant’s online ordering site, the LivePepper teams also offer to purchase images that will best illustrate your texts. Naturally, you can provide your own images, provided they too are high-quality.


Short on inspiration and prefer to turn to a professional writer? Contact us ( to learn more about this service and be put into contact with a professional Web editor. 

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