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Google Login and Apple Login: simpler way to log into your online ordering site

We know that too tedious identification can derail an online purchase. Google Login and Apple Login features make it easy for your customers to log in. They allow them to identify themselves on your site with their Google or Apple account. This removes a barrier to purchasing while simplifying the online ordering process.



The simpler the identification, the more likely a purchase is to succeed

When a customer wants to order online from your restaurant, they must first enter their personal information:

  • email address or username serving as an identifier;
  • password associated with the account;
  • etc.

However, this login step can be too restrictive for some internet users.

How to avoid to lose the clients? Your LivePepper offers you to activate Google Login and / or Apple Login, two features developed on the Facebook Login example. They allow your customers to order faster using their Google or Apple account credentials.

Quick and easy online ordering for your customers

By limiting the barriers that can cause a customer to quit, you also reduce the cart abandonment rate. The purchasing process is actually easier than ever for the users:

  • they select their products and adds them to their basket;
  • they can be identified in an instant via Google Login, Apple Login or Facebook Login;
  • they finalize their orders after having informed their delivery preferences.

Of course, the “classic” identification, with username and password, is still available to your customers.

How is an order made with Google Login or Apple Login?

On the example below you can see how the customers can log in to Pizza Triangle’s site.

An example of connection with Google Login or Facebook Login (© Pizza Triangle)

LivePepper has also thought of the followers of the Apple brand with Apple Login, a variation planned for Apple. Its principle is strictly the same: all you need is an Apple account to identify yourself on your restaurant’s website and complete your order online.

Another example of login, this time with the Apple Login feature (© Speedy PIZZ)

In any case, the connection does not take any time to the delight of your customers!

To summarize: the connection with Google Login or Google Apple perfectly meets the requirements of Internet users in terms of simplicity and immediacy. It is therefore a valuable business tool to boost your sales.

Does your restaurant offer online ordering? Your occasional or regular customers will appreciate being able to log in in the blink of an eye using Google Login and Apple Login. Do not hesitate to contact your contact at LivePepper to subscribe to these options and offer them immediately on your website (

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