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Highlighting your restaurant’s social and environmental commitments on your e-commerce site

Consumers are increasingly attentive to what they consume, the origin of products and how they were prepared. And not only that; they may well also expect some genuine form of social and environmental commitment on behalf of restaurateurs.

Why underscore your commitments in e-commerce?

When today’s customers cross the threshold of a restaurant, they are obviously looking for a great meal, but they are also embracing a certain philosophy in terms of consumption. Consumers now increasingly seek to give meaning to how and what they consume and, for this purpose, they are usually willing to pay more for quality products:

  • homemade,
  • grown organically,
  • produced locally,
  • packed using materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or eco-responsible.

Restaurateurs’ social commitments will also be held in high esteem by consumers aware of the fact that today, many people don’t have enough to eat. This might involve:

  • reducing food waste by redistributing unconsumed food,
  • helping associations,
  • participating in social actions (opening your restaurant to those in need, offering prices affordable for students, etc.).

These are all arguments that can be highlighted for the attention of your customers.

How can I highlight my commitments on my e-commerce site?

LivePepper includes certain advanced features to highlight your social and environmental commitments. For example, by adding filters on products so that customers can sort their dishes in line with their concerns and preferences: organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, etc.

Pappa-Ciccia_portfolio (Copier)

You can also add tags, i.e. little icons next to the picture or description of a dish to indicate that it is organic, homemade, etc.

Lastly, if you want to promote your social commitments which may not be directly related to your online menu, you can do so in a dedicated text box displayed below the customer’s order basket. This message will remain visible throughout the online ordering process.

Excerpt from the Pizza di Rocco site

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