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How to improve your online ordering site’s SEO when launched

Did you recently launch your restaurant's online ordering site, but don't quite know how to boost its ranking on the search engines? LivePepper, a strategic partner for restaurateurs and all their needs, offers some tips to improve your online presence.

The importance of keywords and the meta description for your restaurant’s website

To optimize the positioning of your restaurant’s website on Google and other search engines, it’s essential that you carefully complete the SEO tab in your back office. In fact, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the key to your site’s natural referencing.

In this tab dedicated to SEO, you can enter various information used by Google to reference your site:

  • in “Site title”, enter the name of your restaurant;
  • in “META description”, describe your activity and location in a few words;
  • in “META keywords”, enter the keywords that appear on your online ordering site or its homepage, by selecting the words you consider to be most strategic (put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and imagine which words they would use in their search). 

Your online ordering site’s back office: a wealth of information for Google

Your online ordering site’s back office contains other items useful for your site’s SEO optimization. For instance, the tab dedicated to your static pages, whose content will be closely scrutinized by Google which, like the other search engines, will dig for the keywords that ultimately determine your restaurant’s presence and ranking in the search results.

In the “Homepage” tab, you can complete your website’s About” section. These elements (your restaurant’s contact details, history, values, etc.) will also be taken into account by the search engines. In fact, a well-designed “About” page helps to strengthen your brand image, while improving your customers’ experience.

Finally, go to the “Add-ons” tab in the back office where you can add the various social media platforms on which you are present (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). These platforms all provide vehicles for you – and your customers – to spread the word about your restaurant!  

Other tips to improve your online ordering site’s visibility

Does your restaurant offer online ordering? Shout it out loud! By all means communicate on this new service via your various channels. You can also organize events to promote the service’s launch among your community of existing or potential customers. Remember to enter your business profile on “Google My Business” (it’s entirely free!). This detailed business card provides you with an online showcase for your business on the world’s most important search engine.

Naturally, LivePepper can help you boost your restaurant site’s online presence. In particular, our teams offer a marketing support service, itself comprising a wide choice of services to meet your needs and objectives (website editing, support with Google Ads, community management, emailing, etc.).

You might want to opt for the Advanced SEO” feature, which involves defining a personalised description of every page on your restaurant’s site, to put you firmly in line with Google’s requirements.

The LivePepper team is at hand to help you improve your SEO optimization and enhance your communication. Contact us to find out more about our various services (

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