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Marketing: the keys to an effective e-mail campaign

Whether for your pizza of the month promotion, your off-peak hour discounts or an upcoming event, an email campaign is a very useful means of communicating your restaurant's latest news and offers. As part of its marketing support service, LivePepper helps you optimize your campaigns.

 E-mail campaign: a powerful tool

What is an e-mail campaign? Basically, it involves sending an e-mail to a dedicated audience: your customers or your prospects. Whatever its content, it is intended to:

  • promote a product;
  • inform about a new service;
  • arouse interest among potential customers;
  • increase traffic on your restaurant’s online ordering site;
  • obtain customer feedback;
  • announce a game, competition or event;
  • etc.


Opting for an e-mail campaign offers a number of benefits:

  • It’s a fast solution that allows you to gain time: no printing of leaflets, no shipping delays, no telephone prospecting, etc.; 
  • It is a modern and flexible communication technique; 
  • It is targeted and optimized, since the recipients’ e-mail addresses are already qualified (site users, restaurant customers and other contacts who, at some stage, have given you their contact details); 
  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional marketing tools.

 Ready to launch your e-mail campaign? It’s not as simple as that…! 

While an e-mail campaign can offer excellent results, it is by no means easy to prepare. By going it alone, you risk failing to tap into its full potential, or missing out on the main benefits. In fact, you must:

  • clearly define your campaign objective;
  • find the right message that you wish to get across;
  • catch your customers’ attention via an e-mail that is pleasant to read and easy on the eyes;
  • carefully choose your target while effectively anticipating its needs and expectations. 

The LivePepper team is at hand to help you every step of the way.

 Our LivePepper services

Via our e-mailing service, LivePepper offers to:

  • analyse your objectives in order to devise a suitable e-mail marketing strategy; 
  • create your MailChimp account;
  • take care of your campaign’s design; 
  • draw up your mailing list; 
  • provide a monthly report on the newsletter’s statistics;

Want to take the plunge and give your e-mails every chances of success? Contact us without delay to prepare your future campaigns and boost your sales!

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