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Online ordering: identify your VIP or student customers to target your promotions

Because targeted promotion is always more effective, LivePepper suggests that you limit your offers to certain identified customers. With the "Identification of VIP or student clients" feature, you can choose which statuses are eligible for your promotions.

This option, available with a basic or bespoke site, not only optimizes the success of your operations. It also helps to maintain the bond with your most loyal customers.

VIP, Students or others: personalized offers according to the status of your customers

To begin let have a reminder: a promotional campaign only works if it finds its target. There is therefore no need to address all of your promotions to all of your customers!

It is therefore better to concentrate your efforts on a target clients whose loyalty and “re-engagement” you ensure. Customer identification allows you to reserve your promotions for a particular status:

  • VIP customers;
  • Students;
  • Companies or business customers;
  • Statuses associated with your loyalty program
  • Etc.

When activating this extra feature, LivePepper presents you with two configuration options. Either you assign a status to the customer (s) concerned via your back office, or you give them the choice.

In the second case, the customer of your online ordering site will be offered a dedicated checkbox when creating his/her account. In any case, it will not be possible for him/her to cumulate the statutes to cumulate the deals.

Please note: a restaurant owner cannot add a status condition to it himself/herself on a promotion. The LivePepper teams are responsible for integrating the eligibility condition of an offer: VIP, Students, etc. On the other hand, once a deal is associated with a given status, you can duplicate it to create a new promotion without special technical assistance.

Online ordering and targeted promotions for your customers

Marketing studies tend to show it: the more loyal a customer, the more they are inclined to buy. In other words, the average basket of the regular customer is higher than that of the new customer or the one-time customer. It is therefore on these privileged targets that you should focus your promotional offers in order to hope for the best results.


The digital tools available today help refine your marketing strategy around identified customers. First, the customer database, which is regularly enriched and updated, provides a great deal of information:

  • age ;
  • geographical area ;
  • frequency of orders;
  • favorite products;
  • preferred method of payment;
  • etc.

These are all levers for personalizing your offers based on the preferences and expectations of each target.

On the other hand, offers limited to privileged customers give them the feeling of being considered, pampered by your brand. They will feel all the more close to your restaurant because they are concerned by the content offered to them: low prices for young people and students, a discount valid on a future order for regular customers, a decreasing offer for professional customers …

Finally, remember that the success of a promotion depends on its simplicity. If it is not clear enough or easy to understand, the customer will ignore it or find the benefit too unclear. At the same time as “targeting”, think about taking care of the “message”!

Would you like to retain your customers while boosting your sales? Targeting specials through customer identification is another tool to support your marketing strategy. Contact our team to find out more about this feature or ask us to activate it for your site (

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