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Promote your restaurant with LivePepper’s communication kit

Are you looking to promote your restaurant which is about to open, has just opened or has already been open for some time? As part of its digital marketing support service, LivePepper offers you a communication kit which you can customize to reflect your brand image, designed by a team of professional graphic designers and available in various formats: business cards, menus, stickers, goodies, and so on.

Why choose a communication kit in your restaurant’s colours?

The communication kit includes various communication vehicles disseminated to a wide audience in order to:

  • promote your restaurant and arouse interest among potential customers when you launch your establishment;
  • communicate on events organized by your new or existing restaurant;
  • publicize offers and promotions put in place;
  • etc.

The purpose behind this communication kit is simple: to ensure your restaurant’s promotion while cultivating your image via high-quality media devices that sport your logo, your colours, your motto, etc.

Within this approach intended to boost your sales and expand your customer base, the words and/or messages that you choose to disseminate are key: they must be readable and visible to grab attention, but also tailored to the audience concerned by your restaurant (employees on their lunch break, students, tourists passing by, etc.).

LivePepper’s expertise for the benefit of your communication

To create your communication kit, LivePepper turns to its team of professional graphic designers and partner printers. Whatever the kit’s components, everything is designed based on your restaurant’s logo and your graphic charter in order to be easily recognized by customers.

We offer to design and print:

  • business cards;
  • POS (point of sale) advertising: stickers in the window, signs outside and inside, media placed on the tables to enhance your menus or certain products, place mats, etc.;
  • menus;
  • posters;
  • loyalty cards;
  • flyers, made available to you or distributed on your behalf;
  • doggy bags, so that your customers can take away any left-overs;
  • goodies (pens, sweets, bottle openers, key rings, etc.);
  • etc.

Interested in creating high-quality communication vehicles to attract customers and gain their loyalty? Want to distribute goodies that embody your brand to promote your business? Contact our team ( straight away to design and order your communication kit.

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