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Tripadvisor, TheFork: the importance of responding to customer reviews

As part of its marketing support, LivePepper now offers a new service for responding to your customers' comments on restaurant reservation platforms. Under your control, our teams take care of responding to these comments on your behalf, while making sure you receive any issues raised in the opinions and reviews. All of which means you gain in terms of time… and reputation!


Haven’t got time to respond to opinions and reviews posted about your restaurant? We’ll take care of it for you! 

Whether it be critical remarks, questions or constructive comments, regularly responding to online comments about your restaurant shows that you take your business relationships seriously. But doing so effectively takes time!

Ever attentive to restaurateurs and their needs, LivePepper has devised a practical service that allows you to save time and help maintain excellent relations with your customers: reasoned and respectful replies to opinions which customers are inclined to post about your restaurant: online ordering experience, eat-in service, etc.

In concrete terms, the LivePepper teams log into your account on Tripadvisor or TheFork in order to respond as effectively and professionally as possible to comments posted there. You are kept informed of any negative opinions or feedback concerning your restaurant, whereupon we contact you to find out how you prefer to respond, both in form and content.

This new, comprehensive service is an ideal device for safeguarding your e-reputation: our teams are highly reactive, and you benefit from a follow-up service that lets you know exactly how your customers perceive your establishment. This in turn gives a good impression and attests to your concern for customer satisfaction!


Reservation platforms that are increasingly unavoidable, and with more and more opinions 

In the all-digital era, online restaurant reservation platforms are now more popular than ever. By way of example, French platform LaFourchette, which recently became TheFork (to harmonize the site’s name with the 22 countries in which it operates), now works with 80,000 “partner” restaurants in Europe, and lists more than 20 million opinions[1].

Meanwhile Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, estimates the number of establishments worldwide subject to an opinion or review on its site at 8.3 million[2] (this includes restaurants, as well as hotels, airlines, cruise companies, leisure activities, etc.). In all, some 859 million opinions have been posted worldwide by Tripadvisor users.

The reality for today’s restaurants is that, regardless of whether or not they are present on the Internet, they can no longer avoid opinions, reviews and ratings posted online by their customers. These comments now form a major source of information for Internet users, on whom they clearly have an influence: 8 consumers out of 10 state that they refer to other people’s opinions[3] before buying a product. That’s why it’s in your interest to control these opinions, and to provide pertinent answers when necessary!

Want to know more about this service for restaurateurs? We are there to answer your every question and assist you in establishing high-quality customer relations. Contact us without delay! (

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