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Upselling at the end of an order

Like the upselling below the basket function, the upselling at the end of an order is generated by algorithms and invites the customer, at the end of their order, to add suitable products without interfering with their browsing experience.

Upselling at the end of an order

At the end of the order, when the customer enters their delivery address, if certain product categories are missing from the basket (e.g. drinks or desserts), the upselling function invites the customer to add a product in this category in one click.

By prompting customers to add products to their order, this process has a positive effect on the average basket. For you, the restaurateur, it equates with increased revenue.

This upselling variant is available on both standard online ordering sites and bespoke sites.

On a standard site

The design looks like this on the standard version:


The structure cannot be modified; only the colours can be adapted.

On a bespoke site

The difference on a bespoke site merely concerns the design. Here, our graphic designers are able to give freer rein to their creativity and modify the layout of the products.

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